Children holiday camp

Children holiday camp organized by ADECOM network. Totally 40 students were completed their special course. The children shared their experience and feedbacks.

The instructor Ms. Deepa coordinated the events. Managing Trustee P. Lalidamballe gave the special speech and distributed the certificates. Psychologist Ms. Fatima and the field coordinator Ms. Noornisha gave their felicitation.


Tailoring skill beneficiary

ADECOM network and Penoli koudam women rehabilitation centre donated tailoring machine to the student Anitha arranged by advocate Athensiamary.

Photo from Lalidamballe

ADECOM network and Penoli koudam women rehabilitation centre donated tailoring machine. AP management consultants pvt Ltd sponsoring tailoring machine to Mrs.arokiamary Anitha ..with the help of Mrs.Athansiya. Legal assistant of ADECOM network

One day seminar on Violence against Women

The Chiguru organization from Karnataka district conducted the one day seminar on violence against women at Kolar on 30.11.2017.

There are 300 students participated and got awareness about their protection in transport and community institutions. Leaders of women headed organization, social activists, volunteers, advocates and school committee members were participated and aware on violence against women issues.

After this seminar, school committee invited that organization for another awareness programme on violence against women. Likewise, the nursing college also requested to provided the same awareness for their students.

The cultural campaign on Violence against Women

ADECOM Network conducted the cultural campaign on Violence against Women at Thanjavur district through Women Education Development Social Service on 25.11.2017.

In this campaign the discrimination activities and kinds and violence against women are printed in the banner. The team member covered the interior villages to create violence against women. During that programme drama, motivational songs are displayed for understand of people in easy way. There were more than 350 people got aware and understand about violence against women and how to approach for their solution for violence.

Group meeting on violence against women

ADECOM Network conducted the group meeting on violence against women at Madhanapalli through the partner from Rural Development Society at Madhanapalli, Andhra Pradesh. This group meeting was conducted at Govt. women Degree College there are more than 50 students participated and get awareness about women issues.

Students actively participated and clarified their doubts on right based issues. Social activists, college managements and volunteers also involved in this meeting.

Campaign on Violence against Women

ADECOM Network conducted the campaign on Violence against women and children at Senji kootrodu, Villupuram district through the partner from Rural Youth Education Trust. The Director of Mr. Raman from “Amuthasurabi Karunai Trust and Parliament member of Senji Mr. M.K.Masthan is resource person for this campaign. This campaign was conducted on 25.11.2017 at 02.00pm to 06.00pm.

Social activist and police officials were participated and gave their inspired speech. There are 47 people participated and gave their feedbacks. The roaming people more than 300 were observed this campaign. The media and people focus are increased on violence against women through this campaign.

Inauguration – Women’s day celebration (The National Integration Week)

To celebrate the Elimination of Violence against Women’s day at 25th of November ADECOM Network was conducted the inauguration on 24.11.2017. Village women and Assistant Director of Field Publicity officer Mr. T. Sivakumar and Social activist Ms. Aruna are the resource person of this programme.

Participated women and youngsters actively participated and discussed about gender discriminative activities. Through this inauguration women and youngster understood the cause and impact of gender discrimination and they gave assurance to practice the gender equalizing activities in that inauguration 32 women and youngsters participated and aware.