Volunteers from around the world help us to empower women from oppressed communities in South India.

If you are a committed individual who wants to make a big impact, ADECOM Network is a great place to volunteer. We are an ambitious organisation that aims to bring about large-scale positive change for women. This means that we want to work with people who share our commitment, and are able to put great ideas for improving our work into practice.

  • How you can help?

We are open to receiving volunteers from all backgrounds and with varying levels of experience.

Volunteer trainers are crucial to our IT skills programme. They only need to be proficient computer users with good knowledge of Microsoft Office.

We also work with professional volunteers. They use their experience and skills to develop our organisation and improve our programmes. Past professional volunteers have helped us to design projects, write funding applications, and developed marketing and communication strategies.

To find out more, download a description for one of the professional roles we are currently looking for. We also accept unsolicited proposals, so if you have a great idea for supporting our work, get in touch.

  • What we look for?

Volunteers wanting to support our IT training programme must be available for a minimum of two weeks. However, professional or specialist volunteers stay for a minimum of one month and up to one year. Proficiency in English is essential. Tamil speakers are welcome, as some of our beneficiaries cannot speak English. We do not ask for any financial donations from volunteers, but we cannot cover volunteers’ costs, such as accommodation and travel.

  • What you can expect from us?

On arrival, volunteers can expect full support from ADECOM Network. We will help to make all the arrangements you need for a comfortable and productive stay. This includes finding accommodation, travel booking and leisure time recommendations and planning. We also provide lunch.

If interested, please apply with your resume, motivation letter and comments to us at adecomn@gmail.com or through comments in our blog 



  1. hello,
    My name is Carole, I’m 20 and french.
    Well, I’d really like to come to India next June. I’m interested in helping , maybe for 2 or 3 weeks.
    So, can you tell me more about the volunteering experiences you propose?

    Thank you !

    looking forward hearing from you!

    1. Dear Carol,

      Thank you for your interest in our association.
      It will be a pleasure to receive you within ou staff in June for 2 or 3 weeks, as you wish.
      As volunteer’s assignments we can propose you to:
      -give english classes to the Dalit children (poorest people)
      -give computer training to Dalit students.

      If you have any particular skill you would like to share with people here, please feel free to propose us.
      Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

      Best regards,
      Managing Trusty Adecom Network

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