Group meeting on violence against women

ADECOM Network conducted the group meeting on violence against women at Madhanapalli through the partner from Rural Development Society at Madhanapalli, Andhra Pradesh. This group meeting was conducted at Govt. women Degree College there are more than 50 students participated and get awareness about women issues.

Students actively participated and clarified their doubts on right based issues. Social activists, college managements and volunteers also involved in this meeting.


Invitation, Notice and News Clippings

Awareness on violence against women and Children with observation of HIV/AIDS day at Kerala

This year DWAN made arrangement in advance to the program.  On 8th October 2016, Saturday a State level planning meeting was organized at DAWN Mavady in Andrew Cottage in Mavady. There twelve people from 10 organizations participated on the meeting. DAWN President Mr.Jose.M.J. has chaired the meeting. Mrs.Asha Thankappan has greeted welcome to the

  1. This year Kerala State Team will concentrated on the issue of HIV/AIDS in Kerala State.
  2. The meeting decided to conducted the meeting on 1st December 2016.
  3. Planning meeting decided to conduct the program Kodumon in Pathanamthitta District.
  4. Meeting decided to invite Pathanamthitta District Collector, Sri.Chittyam Gopakumar. M.L..A.,Smt.Kunjannama Kunju (Kodumon Grama Panchayath  President),  P.K.Radha. etc to the programme as resource persons.
  5. More over Ranni M.L.A.Raju Abraham also to be invite.
  6. It is decided to honor the senior fellows and social workers who were the pioneers in this field.
  7. Two programme fixed. One HIV/AIDS Day observation and Human rights Day observance.
  8. The committee decided to approve Twenty Seven Thousand Rupees as budget for the programme.
  9. Mycle.S.( Secretary, DAWN) and Miss. Asha Thankappan (Voice Kerala) as elected as the co-ordinators of this meeting.

Program Notice of the Program

Two side double folder 1000 notice has printed and circulated among the N.G.O.’s and women’s movement.   Notice posted through the Postal Service and courier service etc. More than that , notice were published though the modern medias like the face book and Watsapp.

Program started with registration. Total 20 persons attended from various N.G.Os from Kerala. The meeting started with Human Rights Songs.  DAWN secretary  Mrs.Mycle.S greetd welcome to all. She describes the importance of Human Rights Days. Especially in Kollam District, there were two lock-up attack was occurred to three Dalit youth very recently. On that case the directions of Supreme Court was not maintained in those arrest.  Three of the Dalit youth are brutally attacked by the Police in the Police lockup. Police attack them under custody. When we discussing on Human Rights, then Dalit atrocities are arise in Kundra and  Kochalummood Police station. So, this year when we observe the Human rights day, we should give importance to the violation   of Dalit Human Rights in the Police Station. She welcomed all and one on behalf of DAWN to this concluding

After the presentation, everybody has actively participated on discussions. Many of them shared their experience with many kind violations human rights. They are not aware that it was a violation of Human Rights.  Women are share many kinds of atrocities towards them.

Conference on To stop violence against women & sexual harassment at Cuddalore district

A part of 16 days campaign activity programme was conducted by Social Voice of Education Development (SVED) with support of ADECOM Network. This conference was conducted on December 4th 2016 at Nantheeswara mangalam village.

Campaign objective:


  • To create awareness on PWDVA 2005.
  • To create awareness about Sexual harassment
  • To create awareness about Gender equalizing practice.

Campaign content:

  • Team members of SVED arranged this conference to stop violence against women & sexual harassment. In this programme 80 members were participated.
  • During the session, felicitation was given by Managing trustee of ADECOM Network Ms. P. Lalidamballe.
  • Women should come forward to open their problems in society. Mostly women hide their problems due to our cultural system.
  • They think about family prestige for other tradition reasons so she hesitates to opening her problems.