ADECOM Network is a Non-Governmental Organisation that works to empower women in India. Based in Puducherry, Tamil Nadu, we have been successfully organizing and agitating for women’s rights in our region for over 20 years. Our goal is to bring universally accepted human rights to women at the grassroots level.


Women in India face the triple injustice of caste, gender and religious discrimination. To end this, we believe that change gender and social equality must be achieved. We work to achieve this by:

  • Working directly with India’s oppressed peoples, including Dalit’s and other backward classes, tribal people, rural communities and religious minorities
  • Challenging stereotypes about women’s place in society and changing deeply-ingrained beliefs and behaviours
  • Giving young people and women confidence, skills and opportunities to end discrimination and inequality
  • Advocating for women’s rights at the state and national government levels.


The total emancipation of oppressed women from the exploitation, discrimination and violence that prevent their full participation in society.


Creating the conditions that will enable oppressed women to enjoy complete economic and social equality.


  • Animate: Create self-awareness and self-confidence among oppressed women
  • Develop: improve social, environmental and economic conditions for women.
  • Employ: enable access to secure well-paid jobs and create enterprise opportunities.
  • Communicate: Work in partnership with communities, civil society and government to keep women’s rights at the top of the agenda.

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