Opening of ADECOM’s Rehabilitation center

ADECOM Network has been organized a great event on 23rd March for the sustainability of the women affected by the domestic violence in Pondicherry. Hon’ble chief minister was inaugurated the integrated service for the Women’s rehabilitation center for the first time in Pudhucherry.  ViIMG_4201ew of Honorable Chief Minister: The Honorable chief minister has been given a special speech on “Though the Government is putting a lot of efforts, still the non-governmental organization should give their support to reduce the domestic violence against Women. Chief Minister promised that the government would be fully cooperated to the women’s social and economic development. At last, he focused on ADECOM Network that they will give the protection and security for women. This center will be reviewed by the Puducherry government periodically.  The Honorable Chief Guest Mr. Neelagangadharan, Deputy Chairman of the Pudhucherry State,

Mr. M.N.R.Balan (Member of the Legislative Assembly, Uzhavarkarai, Mr.N.K.Perumal (Senior Lawyer) , The Patron Mrs.K.Shankari , Mrs. Daisy Rani, State President of “Annal Ambedkar Pengal Pagutharivu Iyyakkam


Economic independence and social independence only lead to women empowered society

Karaikkal Nov18: Police department is working very close to the society.  They are dealing with violence against women at home and community level. They have to acquire more knowledge on PWDVA (Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005). In this regard one day workshop was conducted by ADECOM Network and Karaikkal Police Department on 18.11.2016 to 98 police officials from Karaikkal Police Department.

Economic independence and social independence only lead to create the equal society. Women should enhance their awareness level to reduce the crime against them in society. Police Officials have essential responsibilities to reducing violence and protecting women from violence. The police officials should help to effective execution of PWDVA. To reducing violence against women in karaikkal Women Protection Mission has been formed in schools said, Senior Superintendent of police Mr. V.J. Chandran in his presidential address.

In working place, men have to treat woman with Gender sensitive manner. Men should come forward to struggle for violence against women in the society. He should support for women equality and equity. Police officials have to support for women victims for getting their justice in the society. They should analyze the cases with gender sensitive manner said, Managing Trustee Ms. Lalidamballe in her Key note address.

Karaikkal police department is working for reduce the violence against women and initiatives taking for women protection. Cooperation of public and social organizations like ADECOM Network is played pivot role to reduce violence against women in the society. Many acts and amendments emerge in the constitution for women security so police officials should learn those acts and aware on violence against women said, Superintendent of Police  Mr. Gunasekaran in his speech.

Sexual abuse is not only the force to sexual relationship, even unwanted touching, pulling, pushing, and unwanted verbal conversation is also considered as sexual abuse. Parents and social organizations should teach to children about good touch and bad touch. They should create awareness about child abuse in the society said, Advocate Mr. E.Martin Santhome in his discussion on Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act – 2012.

Advocate Mr. Seenu Perumal explained through visual aid about the Domestic Violence act, he explained, beneficiaries by the act, how to make complaint and whom to approach in domestic violence cases.  Police official’s plays important role on implement of court order on PWDVA. Police officials should enhance the awareness on DIR (Domestic Interim Report) and they support to women victim when they are getting residential order.  He also clarified the questions raised from police officials about PWDVA.

The workshop was conducted on Friday (18.11.2016) at National Mahal Kottucherry Karaikal. Sub Inspector Mr. Perumal help to organize that workshop.  98 Polices, Superintendent of police Mr. Vamishidara Reddy, Police official Sridhar, Inspectors, Sub-Inspectors, men and women police, Protection Officer Mr.Ravichandiran and Social activist Ms. Padmini participated in that workshop. Vote of thanks was given by Co-Ordinator of ADECOM Network D. Arivoucany. ADECOM Network Project Manager Ms. Nandhini and Psychologist Ms. Sivapriya participated in that workshop.

Women Leadership Training Programme


A Leadership Training programmme was conducted on 23rd July 2016 at Village Training Center Uttchimedu. It was jointly organized by ADECOM network and Rotary Club of Cuddolare center.


Leadership Training to Community based institutions (Women Group)

Discussed about How to lead a Group?

Women role in Home and Society

Discussed About

Twenty three women from self-help groups and volunteer association participated and discussed about Leadership qualities of women. They discussed that Self-confident is more important to be a good Leader. A woman has to improve her earning capacity, which will build her self-confidence. This kind of women will play a vital role in empowering and enhancing victimized women of the society.  Moreover they discussed about the role of women in home and society and qualities of a moral Leader.

Leaded by: Continue reading “Women Leadership Training Programme”

Annal Ambedkar Birthday Celebration of Annal Ambedkar Pengal Pagutharivu Iyakkam

Annal Ambedkar Pengal Pagutharivu Iyakkam celebrated the Annal Ambedkar Birthday on 14th of April,  2016. For that it conducted the rally with women leaders, youngsters and social activists. During the rally activity it distributed its election manifesto to public. Not only the public it also distribute that manifesto to Pondicherry Chief Minister Mr. N. Rangasamy, Local Administrative Minister Mr. N. G. Panneerselvam and some other important social activists movements.


One day workshop for department of police on “Responsibilities of Police for facing women problem”

One of the important key personnel of PWDVA (Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005) is police officials in the society. To increase the effectiveness of that act, ADECOM conduct the one day workshop on “responsibilities of police for facing women problem” at Mother Theresa Post graduate and research institute of Health Science, Pondicherry.

Women survivors have more hope on the department of police till now, police officials should retain their reliability among people. Women phase more sexual violence, physical violence, domestic violence and verbal violence in society. Department of police should support that women survivors and keep their reliability on legal system said by the Ms. Muthamma IAS, Secretary to the government Art and Culture, Pondicherry.

Normally women getting compromised on domestic problem, when women approached the police station for domestic or gender based violence, police should realize the seriousness of the issue. Women police should take more care on women survivor; they should talk and give more counseling to women survivor. Women police officials should know all the acts, rules and regulations because; due to the hesitation of women survivor, they  first approach the women polices in informal way so women police should have clarity on the acts and articles said by the V.J. Chandhran SSP (senior superintendent of police).

Women police should enhance their brave and boldness. They should not get fear at any situation in the society. They should keep their professional ethics to become a good police official. Police officials should know the calriety of some important acts, it is very essential to keep their effective jobs in department of police, at the same time they should not fully depend on theoretical knowledge, they should learn from practical issues said by the Additional superintendent of police Ms. Anusuya, Tamilnadu.

Police officials should treat the survivor without class, caste and gender discrimination. But now a day’s police officials are ill treating the women survivor, they should enhance their gender sensitivity and they should give indepth counseling to women survivor, when we give more counseling to women survivor they will their deep problem of domestic violence, it will use to file the strong case on perpetrators said by Ms. Ezhil karolin, advocate, high court.


Seminar on PWDVA (Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act) with celebrating the International Women’s Day 2016

Monitoring and evaluation is one of the major processes to strengthen the PWDVA enforcement machinery in Puducherry. For that we should create the Monitoring and Evaluation group in the presence of law secretary of Puducherry. From that group activity we can enhance the protection of women in family and in community said by Managing Trustee Ms. P. Lalidamblle.  Main objective of nation is protecting the women and child from violence.

To increase the protection of women and children the trainings were given to police officials, so police officials should take all possible initiatives to protect the women and child said by the Senior Superintendent of Police (L & O) Dr. V. J. Chandran, IPS. PWDVA is effectively implemented without any gender discrimination, so women should increase their hope on legal system the legal system also help to women in all aspects of protection said by the law secretary Mr. G. Sendil Kumar. There is emergence need to conduct such kind of seminars to those stakeholders to increase the effectiveness of the PWDVA said by the senior advocate Mr. N. K. Perumal.

Session I – PWDVA 2005 – Overview

PWDVA 2005 – Overview subject was taken by the advocate Mr. V. Sivaganapathy. He explained about the following brief concepts.

  • Meaning of Domestic Violence,
  • Kinds of Domestic Violence,
  • Approaches method to file the case under PWDVA.
  • Experience sharing during the handling of PWDVA cases.

Session – II – Facing problems and possible solutions of PWDVA 2005

Facing problems and possible solutions of PWDVA 2005 subject was taken by the advocate    Ms. Viruntha Mohan. She took that subject with examples of DV cases. She gave some important acts in PWDVA to participants that is very useful and motivated the participants to learn more concepts.

Session – III – Role of Judicial Officers, Protection Officers, Service Providers and Police Officials of PWDVA 2005

Hon’ble Family Court, Judge Thiru. C. Kumar Saravanen explained the role of judicial officers, protection officers, service providers and police officials of PWDVA 2005. He explained each representative’s roles very patiently and clearly. He also clarifies the doubts of participants during the session. Protection officers and police officials were really actively participated in those sessions. New Picture (4)Seminar session was successfully concluded with the Hon’ble Chief Judicial Magistrate Puducherry Thiru. V. Padmanabhan. He gave very valuable speech on PWDVA 2005. PWDVA 2005 is like super market because this act include many acts related to women protection so if we strengthen this PWDVA, we can get women protection at the same time this is not only the responsible of Police or Lawyers this is responsible of each and every citizens. He also clarifies the participant’s doubts on PWDVA.

Conference on Violence against Women to GS

This conference was presided with District Judge for Women court Mrs. Govindharajan Thilagavathi, Chief Judicial Magistrate Mr. N. Krishnasamy. In the morning session, speaches were given by the Protection Officer of Villupuram district Ms. Muthamizh Sheela, Field Publicity Assistant Director Mr. T. Sivakumar, Advocate Mr. M.M. Sheriff, Advocate Ms. Bhavani, advocate Ms. Minnal and Senior MS(Mukkiya Sevakar) Mrs. Ritamerry. The objective speech was given by the managing trustee of ADECOM network Ms. P. Lalidamballe. Legal commentary was given by the advocate Mr. M.S. Nadarajan, advocate Mr. N.R.D. Sundhirampillai and advocate Ms. Jayajothi.

Resource persons are given very useful information to participants. Advocates are discussed about the “Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005”. Protection Officer Mr. Muthamizhsheela discussed the DV case experience and how to make complaint under DV. Field Publicity Assistant Director explained to participants about how to look and how to handle the family issue in gender sensitive manner. In the evening session, there are six GS and MS discussed about their experience in field. Finally this meeting was concluded with the discussion of Judge.

“Now only we came to know the PWDVA, it is very useful and we are really shocked about our gender ratio statistics in different states. We also try to discuss these gender discriminations in our working field”

–Ms. Reetameri, senior MS.