Women empowerment on Education at karnataka State

Chiguru Trust working for women empowerment in Karnataka state. Meetings, workshops and public programme conducted at village level and state level for empowerment of women.

In this regard, ADECOM Network had given the opportunity to Chiguru to conduct campaign on Violence against Women (VAW). Chiguru conducted the Empowerment of Girl Child Education conference on 27th of November in KGF (Kolar Gold Field) at Karnataka.


The meeting was welcomed by Managing Trustee of Chiguru Trust Ms. Prabavathi with her team. This conference session was opened by the social activist Mr. Charles Finney. Then this session was continued by given presidential speech by the Managing Trustee of ADECOM Network     Ms. P. Lalidamballe. The gender equality ideas shared by the Project Manager of ADECOM Network Ms. V. Nandhini and this conference was successfully ended by given valedictory speech by the team member of Chiguru Trust Ms. Vennila. This conference organized by the ADECOM Network and team members of Chiguru trust with 42 women and girls. Press people covered this conference and assured to release an article in Karnataka. Participants actively participated. Express their views on violence against women and gender equality.

  • Women have all empowerment, braveness and boldness in the society to handle any situation. Our patriarchy system and traditional values only restrict to practice it.
  • Women should come forward to show their talents and their potential in front of society. Then only we can achieve the women empowerment.
  • From long years ago, there is no way to express the women issue into society. Now a day’s media help to women to explore their problems and issues. So women should enhance their knowledge on society.
  • Parents should give more importance to their girl child education. It only the powerful tool to reduce the violence against women.
  • In Karnataka state have high number of child abuse and very low sex ratio than other states. People should cooperate to change this dangerous situation. Through creating awareness on education and girl child birth we can change this society.
  • The root cause of violence against women is start from gender disparity activity at home and community level. So parents should treat their children without any gender discrimination.

One day workshop for department of police on “Responsibilities of Police for facing women problem”

One of the important key personnel of PWDVA (Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005) is police officials in the society. To increase the effectiveness of that act, ADECOM conduct the one day workshop on “responsibilities of police for facing women problem” at Mother Theresa Post graduate and research institute of Health Science, Pondicherry.

Women survivors have more hope on the department of police till now, police officials should retain their reliability among people. Women phase more sexual violence, physical violence, domestic violence and verbal violence in society. Department of police should support that women survivors and keep their reliability on legal system said by the Ms. Muthamma IAS, Secretary to the government Art and Culture, Pondicherry.

Normally women getting compromised on domestic problem, when women approached the police station for domestic or gender based violence, police should realize the seriousness of the issue. Women police should take more care on women survivor; they should talk and give more counseling to women survivor. Women police officials should know all the acts, rules and regulations because; due to the hesitation of women survivor, they  first approach the women polices in informal way so women police should have clarity on the acts and articles said by the V.J. Chandhran SSP (senior superintendent of police).

Women police should enhance their brave and boldness. They should not get fear at any situation in the society. They should keep their professional ethics to become a good police official. Police officials should know the calriety of some important acts, it is very essential to keep their effective jobs in department of police, at the same time they should not fully depend on theoretical knowledge, they should learn from practical issues said by the Additional superintendent of police Ms. Anusuya, Tamilnadu.

Police officials should treat the survivor without class, caste and gender discrimination. But now a day’s police officials are ill treating the women survivor, they should enhance their gender sensitivity and they should give indepth counseling to women survivor, when we give more counseling to women survivor they will their deep problem of domestic violence, it will use to file the strong case on perpetrators said by Ms. Ezhil karolin, advocate, high court.


Workshop with women leaders on violence against women and children

Workshop was conducted on 16.12.2015 at Thiruvannamalai in Parai trust. Even though we are in 21st century, the security level of women and children is very low. In village side, girl children and women are not come away from house after dark till now. Women and children have more security problem to come in front of society. Because of this problem they suffer to get proper education. Not only the education, but also include to access healthy food, taking medicine in hospital, etc., because of far, they didn’t go to anywhere. Lot of villages till don’t have the medical facilities, sanitation facilities, etc., this lacking of basic facilities lead to affect more problems to women and children.

  • 92 per cent of women reported having experienced some form of sexual violence in public spaces in their lifetime, and 88 per cent of women reported having experienced some form of verbal sexual harassment (including unwelcome comments of a sexual nature, whistling, leering or making obscene gestures) in their lifetime. Worldwide, more than 700 million women alive today were married as children (below 18 years of age). Of those women, more than 1 in 3—or some 250 million—were married before 15. Child brides are often unable to effectively negotiate safe sex, leaving them vulnerable to early pregnancy as well as sexually transmitted infections, including HIV
  • Adult women account for almost half of all human trafficking victims detected globally. Women and girls together account for about 70 per cent, with girls representing two out of every three child trafficking victims
  • 246 million girls and boys experience school-related violence every year and one in four girls say that they never feel comfortable using school latrines.

Conference on Violence against women with women leaders

The conference on Violence against women with women leaders programme was conducted at 10.12.2015 in Arisdo at Madurai.

Now a day, women leaders counting was increase gradually, even though it is not enough to get women empowerment. Women leader should come forward to taking leadership ability in family and community. Normally have fear to take leadership ability in the matter of finance, because the earning member is men. But we should motivate women leaders to earning money to avoid unwanted fear on finance. Women should grow with leadership capability in family, this only lead to good family structure and create good future to their children. If the women take decision in family, the children also became very bold and brave to take decision in future.

The good strategy for women to take financial decision in family is to start microenterprises.  The very important strategy of microenterprises is marketing strategy, if they have clear idea on that, they should became a good business women. For that they should discuss them self about the team work, for instance, who is going to be collected raw materials, who is going to be in production, who are all the selling that product in market or in rural areas, like that they should discuss and work very hard in the field. The team members also change their roles periodically; these strategies will lead to earning money to livelihood. So women automatically come forward to take decision in family and community.

Workshop on violence against women and child in Rural

Workshop on violence against women and child in rural programme was conducted by the J.D foundation and Marpu society in Andhra Pradesh. The programme was conduct on 15.12.2015 and 52 participants were participated.

The awareness speech was given by the social activists, volunteers, team of J.D. foundation to women and children. Mr. Y. Yerrappa, in his opening remarks, told the purpose and theme of the workshop and introduced the resource persons to t he audience.

The violence against women is they are educated or uneducated, rich or poor and from towns or rural areas, are generally subjected to violence of different types, by even close family members like husband in-laws etc., the violence against women, is a matter of concern, from ages and there is no exception. Said by the Mr. M. Satyananda Murthy, advocate.New Picture (17)

Then discussed about a few relevant Acts/Laws passed on violence against women, there are,

  1. Protection of women from Domestic Violence Act 2005.
  2. The Dowry Prohibition Act – 1961.
  3. The sexual harassment of women at work place Act 2013.
  4. The immoral Traffic Act 1956.
  5. The indecent Representation of Women Act 1986.
  6. The prohibition of Child marriage Act 2006.
  7. National Commission for Women Act 1990.

The rate of crimes against women is on a steady increase from year to year, the crimes rates increased by about 12.5% over the period from 2006 and by 31.8% over the year 2003.

  • There has been an increase of 17.2% in kidnapping and abduction crimes.
    There has been an increase of 6.2 % of dowry deaths.
  • Torture (domestic violence) cases in the country have increased by about 20.3 % over the past.
  • Sexual harassment cases have increased by about 9.9 % and the state of Andhra Pradesh tops the list.

Poster campaign in state of Kerala

Besides the wall poster we have printed 2000 sticker in specially made sticker paper with gum. It was one use full material for this campaign. The sticker of campaign was placed the front glass of most the NGO in Kerala. Shops and restaurant has also under take this event for supporting this campaign. The stickers are the pilots for this campaign.

The above is the model sticker printed for the 16 Days Action Campaign.   As the advance work the preliminary notice and Stickers were sending to 200 NGO,  V.Os and  Action Groups. It was pilot work for the campaign.

In a small meeting on 25th November 2015 Mrs.Mycle Jose (Secretary,DAWN Mavady) has released  the Poster for    the  Campaign.  On the same meeting  Mr.Jose.M.J. Was released the sticker for the campaign

.New Picture (16)

Distribution of Printed Poster Multi Color Poster.

  1. The distribution of Printed Multi Color Poster in Trivandrum District lead by Grama Niketan CharitableTrust,Thallachira, , Negumangadu , Trivandrum .
  2. The distribution of Printed Multi Color Poster in Kollam District lead by DAWN, Mavvady, Kottarakkara, Kollam, directly.
  3. The distribution of Printed Multi Color Poster in Pathanamthitta District lead by Voice Kerala, Ullannoor.P.O., Kulanada, Pathanamthitta
  4. The distribution of Printed Multi Color Poster in Alapuzha District is lead by Voice Kerala, Ullannoor.P.O., Kulanada, Pathanamthitta
  5. The distribution of Printed Multi Color Poster in Iddukki District lead by Dalit Women Society, Kurichy.P.O., Kottayam.
  6. The distribution of Printed Multi Color Poster in Kottayam District lead by Dalit Women Society, Kurichy.P.O., Kottayam.
  7. The distribution of Printed Multi Color Poster in Ernakulam District lead by INSCO,Edappally.P.O.,Ernakulam.
  8. The distribution of Printed Multi Color Poster in Trissur District lead by P.O.,t Thrissur.
  9. The distribution of Printed Multi Color Poster in Malappuram District lead by Aranattukara.P.O., Thrissur.
  10. The distribution of Printed Multi Color Poster in Palakkadu District lead by Karunya Samithy, Emeralad,Kanjikode.P.O., Pallackadu.
  11. The distribution of Printed Multi Color Poster in Kozhikode District leads by Anewshi Women’s Resource Centre, Kozhikode.
  12. The distribution of Printed Multi Color Poster in Kannur District lead by Viswakaramma Navodhanna Samithy,Kannur.
  13. The distribution of Printed Multi Color Poster in Malappuram District lead by JAVLA,Kalpetta, Wayandu.
  14. The distribution of Printed Multi Color Poster in Kasargod District lead by Korga Abhivridhi Sangom,Moopil, Kalichandukom.P.O., Kasargod.

The institutions , organizations out  of  Kerala has sent directly by DAWN Office.The detailed address list  of the organizations that the Poster send by Courier Service, Postal Service and direct contact is attached as Annexure to this report.  District wise list is attached.


The inauguration of 16 days campaign programme was held on November 25th in ADECOM on the occasion of international day for the elimination of violence against women.  This inauguration was started by the Local Administration Minister Mr. N. G. Panneerselvam. This inauguration conducted with women leaders, local volunteers, school students of Velangani matriculation Hr.Secondary school and Arulsastha matriculation Hr. Secondary school in Pondicherry.  The speeches were given by Project Adviser of Women Resource Center Mrs. Varalakshmi, Women Commission member Mrs. Nagajothi, Social Activist Mrs. Aruna, Correspondent of Velangani matriculation Hr.Secondary school.  Finally this inauguration was concluded with distributed certificate and prize by the Local Administrative Minister for logo competition winning students of those schools.  In that inauguration programme consist 67 participants include students, women leaders and volunteers.pic

Awareness meeting on Domestic Violence


The awareness meeting on Domestic Violence was held on 28.01.2015  at  Ourlenpet on the behalf of ADECOM network. In that meeting ADECOM team member Mr. Raja and Ms. Anandhi explain the domestic violence concept, because village women were have wrong understanding about domestic violence, they thought the domestic violence means beating and dowry problem. But ADECOM team member explain the domestic violence to that people as it for only beating and dowry problem but it also include the verbal violence, physical violence, psychological violence, sexual violence and etc. In that meeting more than 20 women were participated and they interested to file their domestic cases. Women were wanted to interest to learn more information about domestic violence.