Volunteers: our great experience in ADECOM Network

Hannah, Pauline and Justine

Today, we want to share our experience in ADECOM Network. We are three students from Dauphine University – Paris, France. We spent one month in the association.

We have decided to work for ADECOM Network because we wanted to learn more about the women empowerment… Our experience in ADECOM Network overcame our expectations! Our stay at ADECOM Network allowed us to understand the situation of the Dalit community, especially when we visited  the Dalit village and met the community. We also learned about the women leaders and Indian culture.

We have worked mainly on the crowdfunding campaign and the 25th anniversary (coming soon!). But we have also worked on the website translation, the promotion of ADECOM Network on social media, the women empowerment, the new edition of the blog…

We want to warmly thank all ADECOM Network team for their welcome and knowledge during this month. We had a really great time and it was a real pleasure to share these moments all together.

Hannah, Pauline & Justine


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