Conference on To stop violence against women & sexual harassment at Cuddalore district

A part of 16 days campaign activity programme was conducted by Social Voice of Education Development (SVED) with support of ADECOM Network. This conference was conducted on December 4th 2016 at Nantheeswara mangalam village.

Campaign objective:


  • To create awareness on PWDVA 2005.
  • To create awareness about Sexual harassment
  • To create awareness about Gender equalizing practice.

Campaign content:

  • Team members of SVED arranged this conference to stop violence against women & sexual harassment. In this programme 80 members were participated.
  • During the session, felicitation was given by Managing trustee of ADECOM Network Ms. P. Lalidamballe.
  • Women should come forward to open their problems in society. Mostly women hide their problems due to our cultural system.
  • They think about family prestige for other tradition reasons so she hesitates to opening her problems.

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