Awareness on violence against women at Thanjavur

 A part of 16 days campaign activity van campaign programme was conducted by WEDSS organization with support of ADECOM Network. This programme was arranged by head of WEDSS Ms. Rajakumari on November 27th 2016.

Campaign objective

  • To create awareness about PWDVA Act 2005.
  • To create awareness about gender equality in home level.
  • To create awareness of girl child education.
  • To create awareness about Stop violence against women.

Campaign conducted village:

  • Palligraharam,
  • Managrambai,
  • MGR nagar
  • Amman pet,
  • Arasur

Campaign content:


  • Team members of WEDSS & Volunteer’s arranged programme to stop violence against women.
  • This programme was started from palligraharam village. This campaign was as conducted as van campaign with cultural team.
  • In this campaign 80 members participated and observed about DV act information through the programme.
  • Women related awareness songs were sung by cultural team during the campaign.
  • Participated people awarded and also discussed their views on domestic violence and gender equality.
  • WEDSS invite the counselor Mr. Basker to give awareness speech for this campaign.
  • Perumal and Ms. Sivapriya went to participate and observed the campaign activities.

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