Sexual Harassment Committee should be established at workplace

Sexual Harassment in the work place and legal remedies training programme conducted at New India Association conference hall for their employers. Adecom Network a social organization that is working for the welfare of women and children at gross root level,integratedin the training programme for the employers.

Visga Act implemented in the year 2013 Prevention, safeguard and rectification women at workplace is the main motto of the Act. While interrogation of Visga case in the year 1997 ( a social Activist who was victimized by gang rape at village when she was in duty).Statement was made that Sexual Harassment in workplace is violating of human rights, to prevent women from such activities legal procedure to be followed in the work place and it was made obligatory for all Government and Private Sector. Contingenton this Sexual Harassment Act was implemented in the year September 3rd2013. In regard with this training programme for women empowerment on Sexual Harassment for women was given in organization.

Ms P. LalidambleDirectorAnnal Ambedkar Women Rationalist Movement in her felicitation address said thatin men dominated society properties and economic status is hold by men. Women who are dependent of men in habitually customizing the men dominated society. To change the attitude of men and women from this practice both should aware of gender sensitization. Should practice

In Legal description andconversationconducted with employers Advocate Mr. Seenu Permual said every man should respect women colleagues in work place. Problem faced by women and how to overcome those situations evidently explained by him. Dissimilarities in independence, brotherhood and equality are the main reason for violence in the society. Redressal committee in the work place is highly essential to find out women problem.To form a redressal committee there should be 10 women workers in the concern. Less than that, problem has to be complained in legal committee formed by the state Government.

Ms Lalidamble said in Puducherry legal committee still is not there and order has to be made by the Collector to form that Committee.

Mr. Sakthivel Production Manager of the organization given feedback that programme is very informative not only learned on the topic women sexual harassment in work place but also learned to reduce social discrimination in the family and society.

Mr. S. Elumalai Co-Coordinator of Village Training Center said practicing gender equality brings behavioral change on both male and female. Welcome address was given by Sathy Staff member of the concern. Programme organized by Adecom team.


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