Two days Training programme on Panjayath Raj

  “Self-Confident and passionate to learn is the only way to achieve a goal” specified by Director Ms.P. Lalidamballe, AnnalAmbedkarWomen Rationalist Movement in Two daysTraining programme on Panjayath Raj.



 ADECOM Network, Koottukkural Theatre Movemnet, Village Training Center and Ullathchi Unagalatchi movement jointly organized two days training programme on 21st and 22ndSeptember in regard with Panchayath Raj at Palliynelliyanur Village, Villupuram District. Moto of the meeting is to motivate women and youth to take part in the Panjayath election.  On first day Mr S.Nandakumar and Pawankumar Gandhi have given training on Panjayath Raj. Women members from Annal Ambedkar Women Rationalist Movement and Youth members from people republic movement participated in this training programme.


Trainer Nandakumar had given a brief introduction about Panchayath Raj. Mr. Pawankumar explained key points in this regard, responsibilities of President, Vice President and Ward members.Moreover When and where Gram Panchayath meeting will be conducted, importance of common man participation in Panjayath election, dates of the meeting ie Jan 26, May 1, August 15, October 2 was made known to the participants. Two documentaries about successful panjayath leaders were screened in the meeting. Women and youth were formed as different groups and asked to prepare a chart describing their basic needs that was completed and un completed in their village. Most of them insisted on their uncompleted basic needs of their area.

In her Keynote Ms. P.Lalidamballe insisted that a good leader should have enthusiasm to learn, build self-confident and should share information before the audience without any dread. A common women and men has to participate in the election otherwise they could not find solution for their basic needs like drinking water, hygienic drainage facilities, proper roadways, street lights and further basic needs. simply complaining will not be a solution for those attainments.

Second day went on, as a interactive session Ms P. Lalidamble discussed with women and youth about panchayath election. Additionally she conducted a questionnaire session; simple questions were asked   with the participants to find the final impact of Panachayath Raj meeting. All members interrelated with each other and learned more about the subject. Drama and song performances were done by Koottukkural Theater Movement on gender equality.  Village Training center co-coordinator Mr. S. Elumalai said ADECOM network has given a space to women and youth to get awareness about the society and they should make use of it.


Former Palliynelliyanur Village Panjayth Head Ms. Kannika Participated in the programme and shared her work experience with women and youth. Mr. Dravidanagu volunteer of the Village given welcome address and in his speech he told that women participation is imperative Panchayt election to bring changes in the village.Thanking note was given Arachana, coordinator of Koottukkural Theater Movement.  The programme was given a complete confident to take part in the election opinioned Ranganayaki from Aziyhur. Continues training programme of ADECOM network unit is bringing positive changes in women attitude said Revathy from Pallipattu. The women and youth members totally 98 were participated and got awareness about the Local governance. The coordination was made by Ms. Arivukani, Mr. Prakash, Ms. Rama from ADECOM team.


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