Advisory Meeting of women and youth members on socio-economic development

“Men and women has to act as equal rebels to develop the Society”’ insisted by Director Annal Ambedkar Women Rationalist Movement in their Advisory Meeting on 27th Aug 2016. The meeting was held at KuttuKural Theatre Movement meeting hall. More than 40 members from various parts of Villipuram and Puducherry attended the meeting.



  • The event is jointly organized by Annal Ambedkar Women Rationalist Movement and KuttuKural Theatre Movement. The intention of the meeting is to motivate develop youth and women to participate in Panjayat Election.
  • Discuss about the available opportunities at their village for doing small scale business

Discussed About:

Ms. P. Lallidamblle in her speech told that youth members and women should work together to bring social and economic change in the society. Moreover she motivated women and youth to develop Leadership quality in order to participate in Village Election.

An elaborate conversation was held among the village participants to get their ideas about initiating small scale business in their Village. Discussion was done with the participants about existing human and material Source, available opportunities for doing business in the Village. Participants delivered their ideas in various aspects like Ilayamurugan from parambai told about fish growing, producing Jute bag told by Vennila from Pakkam ,Nagu from pallianallianur said about herbal products and Vetri from Maruthur given idea  to produce Vermi composite.


Most of the participants opinioned that session is very useful; the continuous meeting of our unit given positive change in their attitude and helped to develop themselves to participate in social activities. Three women Ambica from Konthampakkam, Rananayagi from Azhiyur and Venilla from Pakkam are going to take part in Panjayat Election. They said because of constant encouragement given by Adecom and KuttuKural they came forward to compete in the election. The event was organized by Kuttukural Co-coordinators Ms.Archana,Ms Manimegalai, Bakyalakshmi and Malathi


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