Seminar on Gender Sensation

A seminar on Gender Sensation was conducted on 21st June 2016 at Chinnakanganakuppam. ADECOM Network and Village Training Center jointly conducted the seminar in St Joseph Matric School. More than four hundred students and staffs participated in the session.



To create gender sensitivity among students

To discuss Problems of child marriage

Hygienic usage of napkins for female students

Discuss About:

The director of ADECOM Ms P. Lalidamballe insisted that, the school should act as role model in maintaining Gender Equality among the students. By generating gender sensitivity among the male and female students, we can provide knowledge on gender sensitivity.

Educated by and on:

The Director ADECOM suggested how to maintain cleanliness in using toilets in school. Importance of providing napkins to female students in school and necessity of keeping sanitary napkins vending machine in school was explained by her.

Negative impact of child marriage and how to convey the problem, to parents and teachers in the related issue, was explained by Legal Advisor Ms Semmalar.  Moreover she suggested teachers finding any child marriage issue, has to inform the Government with the help of school Management. 1098 children helpline number for child marriage issue was delivered by her.

The psychiatrist Arul Shantho explained about the problems faced by women and how overcome it, according to the situation.

Two short films on gender equality are screened in the function.


Lead by:

Welcome address given by Mr. E. Elumalai coordinator of Village Training Center.  Right guidance to children about gender equality in not given during their school days and they are not following it properly. Through the behavior they have to understand about gender equality, opinioned by Ms Nandini in her thanking note.  Ms vijayalakshmi is the keyperson to organize the event. Sumathy and Mahesware cooperated to conduct that event.


Very important issues were discussed in the meeting and suggestions given to the children in various aspects. ADECOM got information from school management about child marriage arrangements to a school student, through the school. Assurance was given by the director of ADECOM to take necessary steps in that issue.


Premji one of the students said that he understood about the gender equality and hereafter share any kind of work in homemaking.



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