Married Women Meeting

Event on:

A meeting was held by ADECOM on 23rd July 2016 at Periykanganakuppam for Married women. The Head from village self-group were the Chief participants of the programme. Fifteen members were attended the meeting.

Moto of the meeting:

Meeting for Married women

Discuss about Gender equalities

To get documents in name of women

women meeting

Discussed About:

A group discussion was done among the married women, educated them to participate in social activities. Women were given awareness in gender treatment of their children. Discussed with the members to know how they were treating their male and female children in home. Importance of equal treatment and effect of equality is briefly explained in the meeting. Oral survey was conducted to know how many women are having movable or immovable assists like documents, (Shares and policies) bank accounts and properties. It was advised to hold such securities in the name women for economic support.


Most of the women guaranteed that equal treatment is given to their children in all the aspects of life. Also learned to maintain equality among children’s through this meeting.


Jeevith said that she will take steps to organize a married women group in her village.


ADECOM assured to get application for female children to joint in Government schemes like Selvamagal Samippu Thittam also guaranteed to help in getting pension for widow and Senior Citizen.



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