Youth Club started at Pallipattu Village

Village Training Center members Mr. Elumamail, Ms. Makeshwari and Ms Sumathy went to Pallipattu Village on 28th May 2016. Meet youths, Annal Amedkar Women Group, lead members of self-help groups and other interested villagers. Seventy seven members joined with VTC.


To gather women and youth group from the village and to find their problem

Encourage women and youths to speak out before general audience

To develop leadership quality in women and youth

To form youth club in the Village


Group Meeting:

A group meeting was conducted among the villagers. Annal Ambedkar Women Group, youths, members from Panjayat Board and self-help group joined with VTC to initiate the event. Team members gave training to participants to act and stage drama on village issue.

The village women staged drama on theme “Victimization of Drinking Habit and family abuse”. Through the play they shown, how much they affected by the drinking habit. A volunteer sing a song. Youth club (People Republic Movement)  was started in the village, while addressing the Audience Director of ADECOM Ms P.Lalithamabal said that men and women have to work together to progress gender equality.


One of the participants stated her opinion that, the programme is very interesting and useful to village people.


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