Women Rationalistic Parliament Movement


Women Rationalistic Parliament meeting was conducted on 16 th July 2016 at Periykanganakuppam near panjayath office. Women from self-help groups and Village training center members were the lead participants of the meeting. Thirty three members participated in the programme.

Moto of the meeting:

Census on Single women, senior citizen and un- Employee’s in the Village.

Discuss about equality of women gender in society.

Discuss about domestic violence on women

Developing leadership qualities through local village activities, give confidence to women to compete in local governance

Encouraging the willingness of women to contest in Panjayat election is the main moto of the meeting.


Activities done:

The members participated from the different self-groups were asked to take census at the village on three categories like Single women, senior citizen and unemployed Young man.  The mainstream of the meeting is to make, women to understand their position in the society, how to tackle and overcome gender inequality.  Women should come forward to take leading positions in the local Governance was insisted in the session.

Confer about cause and reasons for domestic violence and empower women to tackle those kinds of situation. The lead members of women self-help group exposed their interest, to help single women and Senior Citizen.


All the participants were happy to a part of the meeting. They show their willingness by discussing about the future plan of ADECOM. One of the participants conveyed that Name board of ADECOM itself given a confidence that, ADECOM is there to take care of women and to solve any problem.


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