Women Leadership Training Programme


A Leadership Training programmme was conducted on 23rd July 2016 at Village Training Center Uttchimedu. It was jointly organized by ADECOM network and Rotary Club of Cuddolare center.


Leadership Training to Community based institutions (Women Group)

Discussed about How to lead a Group?

Women role in Home and Society

Discussed About

Twenty three women from self-help groups and volunteer association participated and discussed about Leadership qualities of women. They discussed that Self-confident is more important to be a good Leader. A woman has to improve her earning capacity, which will build her self-confidence. This kind of women will play a vital role in empowering and enhancing victimized women of the society.  Moreover they discussed about the role of women in home and society and qualities of a moral Leader.

Leaded by:image0 (1)

Welcome address was given by Mr. E. Elumalai coordinator of Village Training Center, felicitation given by Mr. R. Shanmugam, president of Rotary Club of Cuddolare center. Opening ceremony was done by Mr. R. Velmurugan, Post President of Rotary club of Cuddalore Center and training was given by the trainers in various aspects

Educated by and About:

Dr. K. Kalaivenden educated women about cleanliness. He thought about the importance of keeping clean home and society, he also discussed about the importance cleanliness for female children.

Mr. G. Agilan educated about self-confident for women, how to face the society boldly on various situation.

Mrs. M. Sathya discussed about the leadership quality of women. (Two icon points) She told that patience is more important quality of a good leader. Discussing and getting suggestion from the team members before finalizing a decision is more important.


The main aim of the programme is to build self-confidence and leadership quality in women. One of the participants told that, as a women group leader she will take care of her group members and discuss with group members, before taking a major decision.

Feedback:  “I learned how to deal with my group members without any ego”, said Ponkuzali a participant.


ADECOM collaborated with Rotary club and Inner Wheel club group to satisfy the needs of women.

It assured to help, to get scholarship for Rs.2000 from the government to one parent children below the age group of 15.



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