Exam Marks only didn’t determined the Students Potential

The Student Motivation Camp was organized at Villianur Kootukural office on 23rd of April. In that meeting, Mr. Perumal, the president of Kootukural gave the inspired speech to students about their future studies. He told, Exam marks didn’t determine the student’s potential. We should change our concept on mark system in education. Student should equip their extra curriculum activities like dance, music, speech, drawing, etc. he said.

Drawing, speech and essay competitions are conducted and gave prizes to participants. Certificates issued to computer and tailoring students by the managing director of Annal Ambedkar Women Rationalistic Movement Ms. P. Lalidamballe. 40 Students were participated and they were from Kondur, mangalam, Pallipattu, Thennal and Chinnababusamuthiram villages.


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