Sustainable Relief Ideas in Future for Most Deprived Women & Children by Flood

After the temporary reliefs ADECOM planned to support long term for most deprived women and children. In this regard it planned to identify 30 beneficiaries from 30 villages in those districts. The long term support is processing in the form tailoring unit for women and summer camp for children.

ADECOM approached Usha (Name of the company) International Limited, tailoring machine company to provide 7 days residential training for women.  In that training company teach the basic mechanisms of machine. It is used to village women to self repaired at the emergency situation.  It lead to avoid discontinue of tailoring task for small hardware problem.

In those 7 days company teach the 21 varieties of dress materials. Company also agreed to do periodic monitoring activity through ADECOM. That valuable training was used to each and every woman in the village to manage their livelihood.

After getting that training, those 30 women will start small tailoring classes in their won village with help of Panchayat (Local Governance) leader. ADECOM built the well relationship with each village Panchayat leaders. This relationship surely leads to create the tailoring unit in each village. Through that in future this activity will to create 600 beneficiaries in those districts.

This process is not only the activity but it also the skill development knowledge of women. When women interfere to take financial decision in the family then only we will get the real women empowerment.

Identified the children from flood affected village those who one loss their note books by flood. To support their education ADECOM planned to present the education kit to 150 children from three districts. Even though, Government also took initiatives to provide books to school students, through that kind of summer camps with kit lead to change child psychological illness.

ADECOM will conduct the summer class to enhance the children skills like drawing, specking, handwriting, spoken English, and so on. End of the summer course distribute certificates along with that educational kit.  ADECOM also taking computer courses to villagers those who are economically poor from village.

Education kit consist one school bag, stationary items (Pen, Pencil, geometry box, eraser, scale, sharpener, etc) and notebooks.



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