Seminar on PWDVA (Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act) with celebrating the International Women’s Day 2016

Monitoring and evaluation is one of the major processes to strengthen the PWDVA enforcement machinery in Puducherry. For that we should create the Monitoring and Evaluation group in the presence of law secretary of Puducherry. From that group activity we can enhance the protection of women in family and in community said by Managing Trustee Ms. P. Lalidamblle.  Main objective of nation is protecting the women and child from violence.

To increase the protection of women and children the trainings were given to police officials, so police officials should take all possible initiatives to protect the women and child said by the Senior Superintendent of Police (L & O) Dr. V. J. Chandran, IPS. PWDVA is effectively implemented without any gender discrimination, so women should increase their hope on legal system the legal system also help to women in all aspects of protection said by the law secretary Mr. G. Sendil Kumar. There is emergence need to conduct such kind of seminars to those stakeholders to increase the effectiveness of the PWDVA said by the senior advocate Mr. N. K. Perumal.

Session I – PWDVA 2005 – Overview

PWDVA 2005 – Overview subject was taken by the advocate Mr. V. Sivaganapathy. He explained about the following brief concepts.

  • Meaning of Domestic Violence,
  • Kinds of Domestic Violence,
  • Approaches method to file the case under PWDVA.
  • Experience sharing during the handling of PWDVA cases.

Session – II – Facing problems and possible solutions of PWDVA 2005

Facing problems and possible solutions of PWDVA 2005 subject was taken by the advocate    Ms. Viruntha Mohan. She took that subject with examples of DV cases. She gave some important acts in PWDVA to participants that is very useful and motivated the participants to learn more concepts.

Session – III – Role of Judicial Officers, Protection Officers, Service Providers and Police Officials of PWDVA 2005

Hon’ble Family Court, Judge Thiru. C. Kumar Saravanen explained the role of judicial officers, protection officers, service providers and police officials of PWDVA 2005. He explained each representative’s roles very patiently and clearly. He also clarifies the doubts of participants during the session. Protection officers and police officials were really actively participated in those sessions. New Picture (4)Seminar session was successfully concluded with the Hon’ble Chief Judicial Magistrate Puducherry Thiru. V. Padmanabhan. He gave very valuable speech on PWDVA 2005. PWDVA 2005 is like super market because this act include many acts related to women protection so if we strengthen this PWDVA, we can get women protection at the same time this is not only the responsible of Police or Lawyers this is responsible of each and every citizens. He also clarifies the participant’s doubts on PWDVA.


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