One day workshop for department of police on “Responsibilities of Police for facing women problem”

One of the important key personnel of PWDVA (Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005) is police officials in the society. To increase the effectiveness of that act, ADECOM conduct the one day workshop on “responsibilities of police for facing women problem” at Mother Theresa Post graduate and research institute of Health Science, Pondicherry.

Women survivors have more hope on the department of police till now, police officials should retain their reliability among people. Women phase more sexual violence, physical violence, domestic violence and verbal violence in society. Department of police should support that women survivors and keep their reliability on legal system said by the Ms. Muthamma IAS, Secretary to the government Art and Culture, Pondicherry.

Normally women getting compromised on domestic problem, when women approached the police station for domestic or gender based violence, police should realize the seriousness of the issue. Women police should take more care on women survivor; they should talk and give more counseling to women survivor. Women police officials should know all the acts, rules and regulations because; due to the hesitation of women survivor, they  first approach the women polices in informal way so women police should have clarity on the acts and articles said by the V.J. Chandhran SSP (senior superintendent of police).

Women police should enhance their brave and boldness. They should not get fear at any situation in the society. They should keep their professional ethics to become a good police official. Police officials should know the calriety of some important acts, it is very essential to keep their effective jobs in department of police, at the same time they should not fully depend on theoretical knowledge, they should learn from practical issues said by the Additional superintendent of police Ms. Anusuya, Tamilnadu.

Police officials should treat the survivor without class, caste and gender discrimination. But now a day’s police officials are ill treating the women survivor, they should enhance their gender sensitivity and they should give indepth counseling to women survivor, when we give more counseling to women survivor they will their deep problem of domestic violence, it will use to file the strong case on perpetrators said by Ms. Ezhil karolin, advocate, high court.



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