Women Rights and Domestic Violence workshop in Karnataka

The one day domestic violence workshop was organized at the church in KGF (Kolar Gold Field) from 11:30 to 01:30. The purpose of choosing that particular place is, that people are more excluded from main stream. They didn’t think about their rights, duties, anything. They are totally blind in their rights, duties, discriminations, basic amenities such food, sanitation, residency, water, etc. they didn’t bathers about this things, they only think about their day by day livelihood. At the election time political parties are came and gave any one thing such as vessels, foods, like that. At that time they receiving such things and put their votes. Other vice those parties also doesn’t visit those areas thereafter.  They have lot of problems, such as, domestic violence, education problem, water problem, sanitation problem, etc. from 15 years. That was really shocked and need to conduct more awareness programme there.

Even though they have lot have problems, now it is correct time to tell their rights, so ADECOM and Chiguru organized that programme to make awareness on their rights and domestic violence. 110 Women participated and got awareness on DV. Resource persons are from advocates, other women headed organizations, college lecturers and social activists.

“This programme was really useful to understand domestic violence”

-Ms. Nalini


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