“NGO introduce 24 hours free legal Clinic to decrease violence against women and children”

The van campaign was started from Thavalakuppam and it covered 11 villages and ended in Villianur with 12 volunteers.

Now a days, women and children affected more by violence, that affected women and children not open their issue in front of society. They have more fear to tell that issues in police station, that kind of person should tell their problems and issues to this kind of NGO’s. If women and children want to file any case against perpetrators, that time only they will use police station other vice they will approach this NGOs to find out solutions. Women can tell and approach to NGO any time by using this 24 hours free legal clinic. Through this kind of service we can reduce the women and child abuses in society, saidSenior Superintendent of Police Mr. V.J. Chandran.New Picture (15)

ADECOM Network establishes its services in villages through its 24 hours free legal clinic. People should utilize these services to reduce domestic violence and child abuse. ADECOM Network also introduces the cell number to contact 24 hrs legal services. People should aware about their problems and should hear such kind of awareness programmes lead by NGO’s. They gave many instructions, ideas, and solutions about women and children violence. So people should aware and utilize this kind of free services from NGO’s, said Field Publicity Assistant Director Mr. T. Sivakumar.

Women should need to know about their violence and legal solutions. Legal awareness and legal knowledge is very important to each village women. They affected by domestic violence anytime and anywhere particularly in night time, so should aware about this kind of legal services. Men should treat women as a human being, in this contemporary world many men are dominate women in all circumstances so they should change their attitude. If a women affected by domestic violence, she should approach the protection officer, police office, service provider and judicial magistrate. If they don’t know any above stake holders they should approach women NGO’s like ADECOM Network. We will take their problem and should support to survivor, said by managing trustee of ADECOM Network.


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