Awareness on Health and Sanitation to rural women

The awareness on health and sanitation programme was conducted at Nethappakam village at Kanchipuram on 13.12.2015 and 52 women were participated.

At this flood season, women should keep their health and their child health. Surrounding should be clean to avoid much decease. Water should be drink with boil, waste thinks should be dispose properly. Because the main reason to come this big flood is more usage of plastic. In this century women, adolescent girls and boys didn’t bather about the environment protection. They used many chemicals; plastic, electronic wastages etc., so this kind of activities is lead to access this flood. So women and men should think to protect the environment, the root of environment protection is start from keep clean the environment and their health said by Ms. R. Jayalakshmi.

Child education is very important to gain more healthy society. Parent should give education to child, particularly to girl child. Normally in village side, from child hood days they start to go wage work due to their economic condition. Then this leads to access more violence in society. So parents should give good education to children. Said by the Mr. T. Raj, President of Children Watch.

This meeting was ended at 05’o clock successfully. People are actively participated and discussed with team. At end of the meeting, women were gave their feed backs on programme. Ms. Maithili gave vote of thanks of this meeting.


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