Another Step for ADECOM


Adecom Network team visited the french consulate on monday, 2nd of November, 2015 in Puducherry. Ms Lalidamballe, one of the Trustee Manager , attended this meeting with one of its technical assistant, Tamil, and two french volunteers, Céline Danejan and Claire Barberis-Giletti, currently involved in Adecom Projects. This meeting was certainly not the first one, as Mr the French consulate already visited one of the main centers of Adecom, …the Village Training Center located in the rural areas close from Puducherry which is dedicated to empower women through skills training.

The new aim of this visit was then to inform the French Consulate about the current updated projects of Adecom Network. The first one is a short-term and a yearly campaign entitled « Campaign against Violence against Women ». It will take place from 25th of November, to 10th of December and will include numerous activities and demonstrations in order to raise awareness of the causes and consequences of gender-based violence in Tamil Nadu. This Campaign is one of the biggest event organised by Adecom and represents another great opportunity to associate with public institutions and actors. As you can guess, Mr the French Consulate is one of the guest ! The second aim of the visit was to share with the french local institutions the first steps already taken towards gender sensitization in Puducherry area. Indeed, Adecom Network has decided to give the highest priority to sensitizing people on the main causes of gender inequalities. Because these latter are mainly due to unconscious discrimination against and deprivation of women, Adecom is now focusing on partnering with local institutions in order to induce new patterns of thoughts and action. The idea of a collaboration with french local actors has been launched, we will tell more as soon as possible.

To end up, Mr the French Consulate presented a diploma to Céline Danjean, who successfully gave english courses to Adecom Members from July to November, 2015


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