Legal Camp at Kootu-k-Kural Office

Legal Camp1

legal camp 2

On Saturday, July 18, 2015, ADECOM Network arranged and hosted a Legal Camp at its Kootukural field office in Villianur. 25 members of the community came to hear free legal cell advocate Mr. Illansezhiyan explain how to file cases of domestic violence in police stations.

As domestic violence is very prevalent in the region, ADECOM Network and Mr. Illansezhiyan wished to inform the community of ways to empower women. Efforts taken to enforce the illegality of domestic violence are usually blocked by lack of knowledge on how to file a case and how to navigate court bureaucracy. This Legal Camp helped community members overcome that barrier and to feel comfortable in legal settings.

One participant, Vishnu, said, “This legal camp meeting was very useful to us. This is very big chance to understanding this domestic violence act concept without money source. We request you to give such kind of meeting to us continuously.”

legal camp 3 legal camp 4

clipping - legal camp


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