ADECOM NETWORK – September 2014 – ICI (Marine PUYOU) – 1st Week



From the first day I arrived, I was very well received by all of Adecom team.

Lalida wanted to explain what were the goals of the association and beneficiaries.

Now, I understand better the social problems that may be encountered by Dalit and Indian women.

Only there for a month, I’ll do my best to help them in their quest for autonomy.

Lalida245  3

I thank all the Adecom team for their hospitality, I seem to have joined the community and I am very happy.

I realize that this is a great organization that does a lot for his community.


Each morning I have English class, taught by an Indian teacher Mrs. Elizabeth.


I participate in these courses with other Indian youth who come to learn English.

Classes are held in the form of conversations, oral exercises.

Students ask me questions about life in France, teaching, young people’s lives…



The afternoon is devoted to computer training that I give to a number of varied levels of students.

The levels are different I see they want to learn andthey are motivated.

The age group is between 20 and 30 years, they seem happy to be in the association community.

Here is the program of my first week of classes:

  • Monday: Excel basics, prepare a table, simple addition.
  • Tuesday: basics of Word, write a simple letter, simplified layout (bold, italic ..).
  • Wednesday: Excel, with table layout, automatic sum (formula).
  • Thursday: Excel, continue on the board with formula “if” to automate are.
  • Friday: Word, letter, draw a table, insert an image into a document.



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