SEMINAR on Women Rights for Collage Student


  • To educate and mobilize the youth in addressing the issue of violence against women.
  • To organize the theater play for youth to understand about the women issues and domestic violence and other forms of violence for girls.
  • To create new platform for girls to express their ideas for a particular cause of women development.


World Human Rights day event held at Mother Theresa Post Graduate Health And Science Institute on 10th December 2013. The event jointly organized by the Institute along with ADECOM Network and Maitri National Women Network. The event started with inauguration session.  Welcome address rendered by Ms. Pramila, Nursing college officer and she  delivered the importance of VAW campaign importance for the college girls.


Ms. Lalidamballe gave the objectives of the campaign and talked about the CEDAW agreement signed by India for the development of women.  She focused the VAW campaign is important for young girls for their life security.  India is the fourth place to face the VAW and domestic violence happened seriously for various factors especially for culture, caste and religious practices of women.

In that occasion Hon. P. Rajavelu Social Welfare Minister Presided over the seminar. Minister informed that Government has been allocated more funds to women development. The education is important for girls to come over their issues to take their own decision in future.  Women must change the situation prolonged in the name of dowry, oppressions, and domestic violence.  He released the book on VAW to protect them legally for guidelines compiled and made by Advocate S.Perumal.  The book was circulated to everyone and benefited the details of the booklets.

Women and Child Development Department Puducherry the Director MS. Meena kumari addressed the felicitation that ADECOM is doing remarkable actions for the development of women in rural areas.  They applied for service provider to get the legal position and the department also considered their request on legal authorization for the benefits of victims. .

Dean Dr.Murali Mother Theresa Post Graduate Health and Science Institute explained the strategies that women to come over the violence situation.  He talked about the women still practicing the caste, religious identity for their daughters, sons marriage, to change such kind of situation for the respect of women in the society. Dean Murali Mention that when the women to stop the caste prejudice then only the violence reduced in our society

Ms.Revathi Parkunam Chairperson, Central Advisory Board Pondicherry gave the felizilation note and esteemed the women to deepen their knowledge to protect from violence and other tanagers situation.SAM_0662

The special speakers Ms.Amutha, Welfare Officer from Women and Child development, Mr. Ilanchezian, Advocate from Legal Authority, Protection officers Mr. Sountharajan, Ms. Stella, Sub-Inspector Ms. Priya , Dr. Tamizhvnan, AIR Compire Ms. Uma Mohan, Protection officer Ms. Muthamiz Sheela from Villupuram district, Nation Awardee Ms. Thilagathi were deleivered their speeches to protect young girls and women from violence situation.


  • The participants were AAPPI women Leaders 80 Members, Anganwadi workers 50 Members, and Nursing students 150.
  • Women and young girls benefited the information and they reflected their views for women must to come in decision making process.
  • Women understood about the importance of self respect marriages for the young girls to prevent dowry deaths.
  • Women were understood the importance of VAW campaign and all the citizens must take the responsibility to make gender equality at the young age group.
  • College girls were aware about the legal guidelines in the booklet and they showed interest to inform the friends and families to contact the offices when they face the issues..
  • ADECOM got the overall appreciation from all Govt. officials, lawyers and Social activists to develop the role of legal authorization of service provider.

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