Leaders Meeting


  • To motivate the local women leaders to strengthen their capacity to address the domestic violence issues.
  • Women leaders’ courage to discussed and addressed the drinking habits in that area.
  • To submit petition to the govt. for demanding to close the alcohol shop for the betterment of living conditions of women and children.
  • To reduce the harassment situation faced by women in living in urban, slums and villages.

Welcome note provided by Annal Ambedkar Pengal Paguthariou Iyakkam (AAPPI) President Ms. Daisyrani. She coordinated the event on 5th Dec.  in France Pondicherry night school centre, Oulgaret commune for motivating the women and young men to address about their common issues of women abuses, and the practices of continuous drinking habits.


ADECOM Network Trustee Ms.Lalidamballe explained that all women have started to struggles for violence against women, in that regional of Oulgaret many Dalit Christians, are facing the problem of domestic violence.  Because their husbands and family members are taking much drinks for many years and the shop is close to their residence. For many years the peoples development did not take in this region mainly for drinking habits of men and they did not go for proper education and employment.

The resource person Ms. Priya Sub-Inspector Reddiyarpalayam said, all women forward to struggles for women and child exploitation. She addressed about the small girl abused by a old person in Oulgaret region.  She mentioned that many issues are coming because the men are exploiting at the time of lonely girls in their homes.  She insisted that the event really give basic information to the parents that how to keep their girl children for their protection.

Mr. Alexis Nepolian SC/ST Christian Coordinate committee member and SLF sports club captain Mr. Joseph Thevazuran were participated in this program. Mr, Alexis pointed out that ADECOM also giving voices for Dalit Christian struggles to get their rights and privileges like others. In this place we all think about to stop the Alcohols shop and we struggled in the past but still we did not succeeded.  This time we will associate with women movement for taking steps to change the environment for living conditions.

The special speeches on the issues were addressed by Dr.Albert samthi, He mentioned about the alternative medicines of acupuncture and other homeopathy medicines are important to maintain the good health for poor women.  He talked about the importance of the alternative medicines to prevent the new deceases attacked to the women.

Human Rights Club Secretary Mr. Raja Rambo, Protection officer of Puducherry Ms.Stella Marie, Mother India Women society Ms. Santhiravathanam, Social Activist Ms. Lalila, women federation were given the felicitation speeches to prevent the women issues legally for the betterment of community development.


  • Women leaders were totally 70 members were benefited and talked about their decisions to close the alcohol shop with the support of Legal authority.
  • Women and youth members were interested to start the campaign against the drinking habits in Puducherry.
  • Some youths gave valuable suggestions that to advertise in big level in front of all the liquor shops that the dangers of drinking and smoking habits how it kills our life slowly.
  • Women members were realized that the drinking habit creates the more problems to the women’s life and destroy their peaceful life.
  • The leaders requested the follow up actions to prevent the violence situation in their locality.
  • The village members were realized the importance to participate at the Gram Sabha meetings for their resolutions to solve their basic demands.

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