• To educate and mobilize the adolescent in addressing the issue of violence against women and girl children.
  • To organize the drawing festival for girls and boys to encourage them in the campaign
  • To create new platform for adolescents to express their ideas on violence against girls and the family issues.
  • Girls and boys have the opportunity to aware about the campaign and they realized about the importance of the girl child participation and their higher studies.

This programme held on 07.12.2013 at Kanachipuram district at Patchayappa Hr. Sec. School. This seminar organized by Children Watch, ADECOM Network, Maitri National women Network.  Welcome address provided by Nerkalam Pengal kutamaippu Ms. M. Suganthi. Programme presided by Children’s Watch Kanjipuram, Director Ms.Raj, and Commissioner of Kanchipuram district the special invitee by Ms.Vimala.SAM_0597

Drawing specialist and social activist Mr. Sathyan coordinated with the girls and boys for their motivation to draw the paintings. He talked about the children issues for the understanding of adolescent age groups understanding.  He intervened with them to explain about the drawing to create by the girls and boys. After two hours of time all the girls and boys were displayed their pictures in the wall for public and reporters view.

At the end of the painting event Ms. Lalidamballe appreciated all the girls and boys for their special contributions of painting depicted about the children’s issues. The place of that district is affected for child workers and girl child issues are going on crucially.  Many children’s paintingsSAM_0585 were portrayed about those issues.   The commissioner of Kanchipuram district appreciated the event organizers and praised the adolescent girls and boys for their paintings.  She distributed prizes and certificates to all the participants along with Ms. P.Lalidamballe and Mr. Raj.

Patchayappan higher sec school Principal Mr. Ramanathan felicitated the event.  AIMS (Ambedkar international mission) organization Leader Mr. P. Kanthasami, Mr. N. Veramani, Kanjipuram Thiyagi primary school principal Ms. R. Jayalaskmi, Nerkalm pengal kutamaipu Member Ms. N. Yasotha were enjoyed the drawing festival and they motivated the adolescent girls and boys for their confidence to draw the paintings.


  • This event explained about the Gender Equality and children’s Rights. This drawing festival very useful for girls and boys totally 60 students.
  • The participants were enjoyed and showed happy moments to portrayed their pictures for everyone.  
  • Drawing festival motivated the girls and boys paintings and assured to make booklet for their paintings.  
  • All the participants were got prizes and certificates and equally appreciated for everyone’s contributions of their paintings.
  • Girls and boys were understood about the children rights framed U.N and everyone wanted to continue their higher studies for good positio

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