Dr. Ambedkar memorial day


  • To remember about Dr. Ambedkar and his thought to aware by the women leaders and youths.
  • To respect Dr. Ambedkar’s statue near in legislative assembly and motivate the women leaders for their political awareness.
  • To raise the voices of women and circulate notices to the public and political parties to aware about equal participation of women in Politics.

Dr.Ambedkar’s Remembrance Day was held at Dr.Ambedkar statue near in Legislative Assembly and Memorial house in Pondicherry Beach. .This programme conducted by ADE COM Network, Maitri National Women Network, Kootukkural team members and Annal Ambedkar Pengal Paguthariou Iyakkam (AAPPI) Pondicherry. 30 women and youths participated in this programme.

Kootukkural team members were circuated Ambedkar notice to all the peoples. The Chief Minister and Social Welfare Minister came officially to respect the Leader Dr. Ambedkar.  The Violence against women and other relevant handbills were submitted to them for their consideration of women development in Puducherry.SAM_0547

The same time Ms. P, Lalidamballe participated the event on released the booklet about Dec.6 by Social Welfare Minister.  She got the book and bought the copies for the benefits of women leaders.  The book was prepared and circulated by the Ambedkarists Movement and the youth members were organized the event.

Women leaders and theatre artists were honored and put garland Dr. Ambedkar and raised the slogans, songs about his caste annihilation for equality, fraternity and liberty with all. 


  • Women and youth were partivipated and enjoyed the day to respect the leader and aware about his caste annihilation concept.
  • Dr.Ambedkar notices and VAW campaign materials were distributed to all the politicians and parties to sanitize them the importance of women leadership.
  • Social Minister and other party members were encouraged the women leaders for their participation to respect Dr. Ambedkar statue.

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