• Violence against wome, what it means and How to create in this society. To explained all women and community through the document movie.
  • Women to protect Violence and learned the methods to approach the legal counseling, protection for their social security.
  • To increase the knowledge and awareness of vulnerable women about women rights and legal rights


As the part of Continuous 16 days Awareness campaign regarding Violence against women the documentary film screened in 3 villages on 4th, 5th and 8th of December 2013 at Kariyamanikkam, Pangoor and Koodapakkam respectively. This document film showed about how women affected in dowry system and domestic violence. In these three villages nearly 600 people were spectator of that document film.???????????????????????????????

Umaigalin Thalaivan Film society jointly organized this event with Kootukkural. This programme was supported by Tamizhman night school in charge Mr. Ehzumalai and Mr. Nelamegavannan. In Pangoor social worker Mr. Bharathi and in Koodapakkam kootukural volunteer Mr. Ambedhkuar was supported this programme. The film focused on Violence against women how to create in this society, and how women to solve this kind of problems.


  • People realized about the domestic violence and support women issues to solve legally.
  • Nearly 600 people were spectator and benefited of this film shows.
  • All peoples said very useful massage for all women to prevent the domestic violence in their places.



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