• To increase the knowledge and awareness of vulnerable women about human rights and legal rights
  • To motivate the women themselves for their legal rights and social protection from violence situation.
  • To organize the women for the vulnerable women issues to give the complaint to the appropriate agency.
  • The women to known about the legal process and support services when violence will occur.

The first awareness meeting held at Sozahatharam, Sethiathoppu, Cuddalore district organized by Society for Village Education and Development (SVED) coordinated and associated with ADECOM and Maitri National Women Network. The meeting was held on 03rd December 2013. SVED Director Mrs. Amuthamozhli coordinated the women leaders based on the domestic violence against women of this 16 –day’s continuous advocacy campaign. More than 70 women members from around 10 villages participated

In this domestic violence program, Mr.Palanisamy Panchayat President inaugurated and presided over the event.  Mrs.Vasanthanayagi, Mrs.Irudayamary, Mrs.Sunitha the local women leaders were felicitated the event focused on VAW Campaign.    SAM_0401

Mrs. Suda Manirathnam, Panchayat President of Kattumanarkoil recently she got awarded by the Prime Minister for her efficiency of best role model of women Panchayat capabilities in Tamilnadu.  She insisted that more support should be provided to our area women for their economic development.  She struggled a lot for ecological development to ban plastics in her constituency. For this cause more than 10 women joined with President and took part in the election and now all are women in that Panchayat.  She worked as a professor before joining in the election and she is running the school for their children education. She narrated her own experiences to other women for their development through Panchayat village level meetings. All the participants inspired about her experience and they wanted to become like such women leader.

She mentioned that I was selected as a Commune head and honored as a best woman by Tamil Nadu. Then at last, I gained an award for a best social activist in India. This new role made me to achieve more in life. my constituency includes more than 80 Panchayats. She also added that, at present, we are doing our best and organizing our actions to tap Govt. schemes for the development of women and community. She wished that women should act smartly and education is a must for them.

ADECOM’s Director Ms. Lalidamballe said that women must come forward in Panchayat level for taking decision.. Currently, women suffer a lot from sexual harassment, domestic violence. As a woman should involve in the module of overcoming such situations to start from their homes, they are treated as prisoners. Egg, a good diet is provided only to the male child and female child is fed with the white rice alone. A male is never questioned, even what happened to return home at late hours. But if a female happens to return home after 6 pm, she questioned about what reason for great delay. After marriage she faced some dowry harassments from her father-in-law’s home. She mentioned that, in order to stop all of the above, women should be empowered with good knowledge.

She also indicated that everyone should provide a good hand in supporting the women, as she suffers sexual harassments in many places like schools, college, in work places. She suggested that women must visit the Panchayat village awarded by Prime Minsister and the role model village is good example to many other women for taking political decisions for their developments with the support of the Govt. of Tamilnadu.

Mr. Kurinchivalavan invited all the members who presented there and sang a song praising women in this program, Kootukkural artists Mr.Murugan, Mr. Valini, Ms. Manjula Ms. chithradevi , Mr. rajathilagam and Ms. Kasturi were participated and made their performance and songs to create awareness to the village women.


The second programme organized on the same day by the local women group members in Kilianur Govt. Hr. Sec. School, Villupuram District on 5th of December 2013. Totally 150 girls, boys were benefited through this VAW campaign along with their teachers, NSS leaders, Panchayat leaders and Social activists..

The welcome note provided by People social service Trustee Moratandi Ms.Mangai in the presences of Head Mistress Ms. Santhi.  The Social activist Ms. Rubavathy presided over the event and delivered the importance VAW campaign for the young girls and boys.  Advocate, Perumal explained the young girls how they faced violence situation in their schools.  Recently the issues happened in Puducherry that the teachers showed the blue films to the girls at the time of special classes in Govt. School.

The parents were showed their protested against the teachers’ aggressive mind set.  Those teachers were suspended after long struggles.  The same situation might be happen in different ways in different places.  The young girls must aware about the situation to protect them from legally when the issue arises,  All the teachers, students, and participants were motivated the information given by the lawyers, and the performance were created the message to the young girls and boys.SAM_0498

At the night 7.00 p.m the programme organized in Mottrandi village, Villupuram district. Panchayat President Ms. Lalida Arumugam inaugurated and gave the special speech for the women for their situations in that village.  She requested the women should come and participate the village grana sabha meetings to take decisions for their employment opportunities and change their life situation.

ADECOM Network Trustee Ms.Lalidamballe told that all women started to struggles for violence against women. The women must participate in the Panchyat level meetings to resolve their needs for their betterment of life. The village women were upset about their own situation because nobody showed interest for their development activities.  The KootutKKural artists were played their performance to motivate the women for their confidence level to change their attitude and approaches for developing their participation.

Dr. Ezumalai, Advocate Mr.ramathass, Organizer Ms.Mangai, Ms. Rubavathey and Mr.Saravanan, Mr. Chandrasekar were delivered their speeches for the importance of the message about the VAW campaign, Youths were raised the questions that how to approach the members for their immediate issues.  All the details were given by the members and they were motivated for addressing their own issues and to participate in the Gram saba meeting in Jan. 2014 at the time of Republic day.


  • 50 women benefited and participated in each  programme
  • Women’s and students attended this programme created more knowledge and awareness about women’s Rights and violence against women.
  • All people satisfied and motivated the role model of panchayat president speech and her willingness to distribute Dr.Ambedkar photo along with tree in next coming event.
  • This programme created violence against women awareness to the village women and their understanding to participate in public for their good education, employment and political participation.
  • Women were discussed and took the decision to start the women to ban the liquor shop in that village with the support of Panchayat President.

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