Wheel Campaign on Domestic Violence against Women

The main aim of this program is to protect women from being affected from Domestic Violence, to make ways to obtain legal advice, to obtain Medical help, to know the Sections handling Domestic violence, to stop drug addiction, males should be provided the appropriate advice, to stop the following like Sexual harassment, Mercy killing, Kidnapping of female child and the Murders based on dowry.SAM_0078

ADECOM Network, Maitri Network, and Kootukkural Theatre Movement all are 3-day van preaching combined and inaugurated this conceptual program at villianur. This van preaching took place totally for 3 days from 26th to 28th of December 2013.On that occasion ADECOM’s director Ms.Lalidamballe, insisted that the females, in this day –to-day life, were not given full freedom to move in their families and they were also not allowed to participate freely in the society. Domestic Violence against women is not only a crime affecting emotions; it is also against their health. It plays a hindrance to Equality, Prosperity, Safety and Peace. Ms.Lalidamballe gave a speech on these following concepts: Violence created by the male community, husbands (in family), occur in the houses, families, and by their relatives.

Chair Person of Pondicherry Central social adversary Board Mrs.Revathy Pargunan, hoisted the flag and initiated this van preaching. Mr.Thandapani clearly spoke about the problems that the women are facing in their daily lives. Mr.Elumalai spoke that, the various problems inflicted to women, include all castes, society and women have been facing these over a long span of years and they also occur culture-wise. Mr.Rajan spoke, that the laws should be created to meet the violence against women and for the welfare of the affected women. Women have been affected by these problems and these occur on a repetitive note. Women face various problems in their work place, public place, and in their families. He also insisted that these problems should be solved on a quick basis. Mr.Perumal, Mr. Kaliamoorthy congratulated that this van preaching should be done as a successful journey. By this van preaching, problems that women face were displayed in the form of Theatres, Songs and Conversations. This preaching followed in the villages in and around Villianur Commune (province).


2 thoughts on “Wheel Campaign on Domestic Violence against Women

  1. Always great to read your blog! keep up the amazing work you are doing! much love from Australia KErstin, Eoin and Crissi

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