The Theatre Performance at Kootudapakkam Village

ImageWith the help of kootukural theatre Movement, by the presidency of Mrs.Manjula, ”kalyanakacheri” theatre was performed  to focus the early marriages of females, in a village in Koodapakkam on 24th of November 2013  . In this theatre, the subject was made in order to; expose dowry violence, problems caused by drunkards in the society. The main aim of this theatre performance was to bring out Domestic violence problems, alcohol related problems into notice and to indicate that, the females were forced into early marriages, starting right from their childhood days onwards. Everyone appreciated after seeing the display done in these programs. They also applauded saying that, they really felt happy. The theatre group distributed notice, poster and handbills about the domestic violence.   Songs were also sung. Theatres were outplayed in a good manner.Mr.Ambethkar organized this program and made this theatre to happen in Koodapakkam on a well note. Around 300 people from this village looked at this program.


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