Theatre Workshop For Youth On Domestic Violence Against Women

ImageThe theatre workshop organized for youth at Kootukkural Office from 20th of November to 24th of November 2013. The main aims of this workshop are youth learning to perform in theatre, to understand about the domestic violence issues, and to make those issues popularized in the villages. Training were given for Theatre, song, Kombu dance, Kumi , paraiattam for a Hard core campaign.  And preaching based on Domestic Violence from 25th till 10th December 2013.

This workshop, Mr.Kalaivendan taught nearly 7 songs with the base of violence against women particularly women equality. Mr.Elumalai taught a theatre based on the title”kalayana kacheri”, which deals with the doImagewry harassments that a woman faces after marriage. Mr.Kanthavel taught them a theatre based on the title”antha Nallu per”, dealing on the issue of child marriage and alcohol related problems. Training for these 2 theatre performances and Song sessions were continuously given for 5 days. Physical exercise activities were given before starting the theatre training sessions. Then Mr.Elumalai gave a specific training for these following talents like, Smiling, Crying, and voice flow. Then during this Theatre sessions: trainers, co-workers, Volunteers obtained a good knowledge out of these training sessions. During this training period, cool drinks, tea, lunch were provided. This theatre, song training sessions were given in such a way so as to create a brief awareness among people, indicating the faults like dowry harassments which they commit in their day –to-day lives.


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