Legal Public Hearing

On 27th September 2013 legal public hearing was held in Uchimedu office under the leadership of Hon’ble Judge Ms. Prabavathy. Mr. Perumal participated on behalf of ADECOM, he explained the objectives of ADECOM and also explained the reason why ADECOM is working for Dalit People and self employment training, computer Imagetraining and, tailoring training. Ms. Aruna and Ms. Deepa were participated. Women were participated with their demand to submit to the Judge. She explained why the legal public hearing is important. Women are not possible come to court, this event to motivate the women for file the demand petition to the Judge. So I came here to see you all and try to solve the problems. Women in that meeting requested to conduct this public hearing in their village also. She explained that every villager people are asking the same thing but you have to come to Legal authority to solve the problems. If possible ADECOM will organize this kind to public hearing in every village.Ms. Mageshwari and Ms. sumathi also participated in this meeting.


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