World Women’s Rights day program was held on 08th March 2013 at Village Training Centre, which has situated in Uchimedu village, Cuddalore district.  The programme conducted by Annal Ambedkar Women Rationalistic Movement. Concept of this program has “Women’s economic level must be increase to get their rights as sustainable. Then only they can consume their rights entirely” In this program, there are many special guests were participated. They are, Mr. N. Vijayarangan – Panchayat Leader of Uchimedu Village, Mr. Rajamanikam – Panchayat Leader of Kanganankuppam, Mrs. Andal – Protection Officer, Social Welfare department of Cuddalore Dist, Mrs. K. Amudhavalli and Mr. Mandravaanan – Advocates, District Legal commission of Cuddalore Dist, Mrs. Gomathi – Tamil Professor of Kandasamy Naidu Women Arts & Science College, Cuddalore Dist. Mrs. Poongodi – Headmistress of Mother High School, Puducherry, Mrs. Nagajothi – Ex. Ward member of Bahoor Commune, Mr. N.K. Perumal – Senior Advocate, Mrs. Laila and Mrs. Stella – Women Leaders of Annal Ambedkar Women Rationalistic Movement, Mr. Cristy Pakkiyaraj & Mrs. Kalai Selvi – Trustees of ADECOM Network.


At beginning of the program, Mrs. S. Magadevi – Facilitator of Annal Ambedkar Women Rationalistic Movement was given welcome speech to everyone. Next to that, the program was started along with Dr. Ambedkar song. It was given by Mother High School students along with Ms. Kasturi – Facilitator of Kootu-k-Kural. After that, preside address was given by Mrs. Lalidamballe. And the special guests were delivered special address about women’s legal rights, their basic education & their social empowerment. Mrs. Sumathi – Field Co-coordinator of Annal Ambedkar Women Rationalistic Movement & Mrs. Malathi – Tailoring trainer of Village Training Centre were addressed their experiences in field and training. DSC00224

In center of the program, Mother High school children were presented excellent cultural programs such as Drama, Dance & songs. Mr. Kandavel – Staff of Kootu-k-Kural was given special training for those students. Also gifts were distributed to competition winners by our special guests. Then Honorable gifts were distributed to every participated special guest. Finally, the program was completed well along with the vote of thanks. It was given by Ms. Suganya – Facilitator of ADECOM Network.


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