Panchayat Raj Meeting

Date: 25.11.10                                                            Venue: Reena Mahal, Oulgreat

Mrs. Lalida, director of ADECOM stated that the Puducherry government has to conduct the local panchayat election subsequent to 36 years. In 2006 the Puducherry government organized the local panchayat election in three phases in various regions. One thousand one hundred forty eight (1148) members were elected, however, for the past four years the Puducherry government has not confered the roles and responsibilities to the elected local panchayat representatives. At the same time the elected representatives do not know their powers and roles in their respective villages.

On the second of October, ADECOM Network conducted seminar on panchayat raj for social field activist working from grassroots NGOs from Puducherry. The impact of the programme was the activist realized the importance of the local governance in Puducherry. As a follow up action, we decided to organize the seminar on panchayat raj to the elected women representatives. ADECOM Network organized to build the capacity of the local panchayatiraj leaders and also make them aware of their Powers and Responsibilities.

In her address she quoted the words of Mrs. Pratibha Patil, the President of India. She stated that the goal is to provide 50% reservation for women in panchayat and that urban local bodies have already been introduced and should amended this as a law. So in  the Puducherry local election the government should provide 50% reservation to women and also the political parties should implement the same in the upcoming elections. She also requested the Puducherry government to sanction the separate budget for panchayat.

Mr. M. Ramadoss, PMK MP:

In his speech, Mr. Ramadoss stated that today women are developing very well in the entire field, particularly in politics. Because women are involved in politics there is effective ruling structure without any corruption in politics. When Mr. Mani Sankar Iyer, minister of panchayat, from central government came to assess the real situation of Puducherry panchayat the elected women representatives boldly shared their demand with him. Women are not inactive by giving the situation in politics. The beneficiaries demanded him to meet Congress party leader Mrs. Sonia Gandhi to explain the situation of panchayat in Puducherry. He ensured to take them to Delhi to meet Congress party leader Mrs. Sonia Gandhi.

Mr. Inbakumar, Resource person Writer:

The Resource person spoke about the powers and the value of the Panchayat Presidents and also the history of panchayat raj, laws and acts related to the panchayat. He interacted with the participants and clarified their questions. He also explained the 73 & 74th amendments of panchayat raj.

Mrs. Sridevi chariman of Puducherry Municipality:

In her speech she spoke about women, liberation and political participation of women. Finally she sang the song about the womans’ empowerment. She expressed the situation of Puducherry’s political background and also explained that in legislative assembly all the members are men. So as women come forward to take part in political field she feels that they will be  good decision makers. She expressed her feeling that as a chairman she is hampered in her work because other political people not agree with a woman’s decision. So as a women panchayat representative you should be alert and play a active role in the panchayat.

Mr. N. S. J.  Jeyabal, Leader Oulgrat municipality:

He quoted the issues of commune panchayat in oulgrat Municipality and also techniques to improve the self help groups in Puducherry state. Now the panchayat they implemented only one project SJSRY this project is only for womans’ development. He wants all kinds of women  to occupy these schemes. He requested puducherry government and the government of public projects should implement these policies through the panchayat  Raj.

Booklet of Panchayat guidelines released:

Mr. A. John Kumar, Vice-chairman of Puducherry Municipality published the booklet of Panchayat women representatives ADECOM network. He handed over the booklet to Mr. N. S. J.  Jeyabal, Leader Oulgaret municipality

Forum Formation:

In continuation to the special address by the chief guests, Elected Women Panchayat Forum was formed. The elected members’ details were given below:

Elected Women Panchayat Forum Leaders

Sl.No Name Designation Commune Address Contact
1 Mrs. Tamilarasi President ADECOM NETWORK 0413-2224807
2 Mrs. Sundari Vice-President Veerampattinam 9944160573
3 Mrs. Mala Secretary P.S. Palayam 9786863533
4 Mrs. Kamachi Joint-Secretary Kakayanthopu 9994072293
5 Ms. Shenbagam Treasurer ADECOM NETWORK 0413-2224807


Ø  All political parties should provide 50% reservation for women panchayat representatives in the upcoming elections have already been announced.

Ø  Government schemes like education, health agriculture  should implement through panchayat

Ø  Separate expenses should amend for the panchayat and it should be declared in the budget

Ø  Panchayat budget amount should social audit and given to panchayat

Vote of thanks was given by Mr. Idayamani, Project In charge ADECOM network.

Participants Details:

Sl.No Name Designation Area
1 Mrs. Sridevi


chairman Puducherry Municipality
2 Mr. N. S. J.  Jeyabal, Leader Oulgrat municipality
3 Mr. A. John Kumar, Vice-chairman Puducherry Municipality
4 Mrs. Devaki Vice-Chairman Ariyankuppam Commune Panchayat
5 Mrs. Geetha Vice-Chairman Nettapakkam Commune Panchayat
6 Mrs. Vasugi Vice-Chairman Bahoor commune Panchayat
7 Mrs. Tamilarasi Councilor Puducherry
8 Mrs. Mala Councilor P.S.Palayam
9 Mrs. Tamilselvi Councilor Sathamangalam
10 Mrs. Analakshmi Councilor Puducherry
11 Mrs. Indira Somani Councilor Puducherry
12 Mrs. Lalitha Councilor Sulthanpet
13 Mrs. Sambavathy Councilor Bahoor
14 Mrs. Ovia President Puducherry
15 Mrs. Selvi President Vathanoor, P. S. Palayam
16 Mrs. Senthamari Ward Member Ariyankuppam Kotaimedu
17 Mrs. Ezilarasi Ward Member Ariyankuppam West
18 Mrs. Nagajothi Ward Member Bahoor
19 Mrs. Rajamani Ward Member Bahoor
20 Mrs. Dhanalakshmi Ward Member Bahoor
21 Mrs. Sornasanthi Ward Member Bahoor
22 Mrs. Boobahti Ward Member Bahoor
23 Mrs. Jeeva Ward Member Bahoor
24 Mrs. Angammal Ward Member Ariyankuppam
25 Mrs. Thangamani Ward Member P.S. Palayam
26 Mrs. Kamachi Ward Member Kakayanthoppu
27 Mrs. Kala Ward Member Kakayanthoppu
28 Mrs. Anitha Ward Member Kakayanthoppu
29 Mrs. Pushpa Ward Member Kakayanthoppu
30 Mrs. Saraswathy Ward Member Kakayanthoppu
31 Mrs. Pakialakshmi Ward Member Ariyankuppam
32 Mrs. Murugamathi Ward Member Keezsathamangalam
33 Mrs. Jayanthi Ward Member Nettapakkam
34 Mr. Kaliyaperumal Ward Member Nettapakkam
35 Mrs. Sundari Ward Member Veerampattinam
36 Mrs. Lakshmi Ward Member Veerampattinam
37 Mrs. Lakshmi Ward Member Vathanoor, P.S. Palayam
38 Mrs. Pushpagandhi Ward Member Thirukanoor
39 Mr. Devanathan Ward Member Thirukanoor
40 Mr. Pandiyan Ward Member Thirukanoor
41 Mrs. Periyanayaki Ward Member Mannadipet
42 Mrs. Indumathi


Ward Member Mannadipet
43 Mrs. Thulasiammal Ward Member Mannadipet
44 Mrs. Anchalachi Ward Member Mannadipet
45 Mrs. Angammal Ward Member



2 thoughts on “Panchayat Raj Meeting

  1. Thank you for the good article. The age old India’s corporate ladder is very educative. Though we do considerable level of work with local Panchayat in Karnataka, we still struggle to see the fullness of PRIs and their transperant functions.

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