ADECOM 2010 Round-Up

  • New Years Celebration at ADECOM with Kootu-k-Kural and Women’s Rationalist members.

  • Pongal Festival at the Bohi Cultural Center.
  • Children’s calendar release with Dalit volunteers at ADECOM including Thiru Mr. Gajendiran from the NCDHR and Nallagodhandaraman.
  • On 21/01/2010 ADECOM celebrated their 18 years of achievement. At the Bharath Nivas Auditorium in Auroville the “18 Year Agitate for Dalit Liberation with 400 participants, including Jayakumar (the founder of ADECOM) and the Uthirapathi Justice, who have given their services for ten years.
  • Aids awareness program in the village Madagadipet that included speeches on sexually transmitted diseases and a Panchayat question and answer session with students.
  • 20 children from Mudhalyarpet and Nataji nagar villages came to ADECOM for a summer camp. This was closely followed by the event for HOPE org, which gives importance to Dalit children in the Puducherry region.
  • At the Puducherry Legislative Assembly in May, members submitted proposals attempting to encourage women to participate in politics.
  • French volunteer Judith Cloudin was with ADECOM for one week and organized a discussion about global warming for children.
  • In the month of June ADECOM participated in a South Indian Dalit Writers meeting facilitated by magazine proprietor Pudija Kodangi and IAS Mrs. Sivangami, who discussed improvement skills for Dalit writers.
  • In June ADECOM also hosted for “Children and Adolescent Theater Project” for the 3rd year. This program is supported by Karuna Trust, which is based in Australia.
  • On July 3rd ADECOM members organized rehabilitation for the fire accident in Thandeeshavaranallore. Twenty huts were destroyed in the fire and ADECOM members provided dress materials and rice to the villagers and helped them with the shock of the accident.
  • Arunthathiyar cultural night took place in August, which discussed Dalit empowerment a demanded a 6% reservation for the Arunthathiyar community. This was closely followed by a state level consultation discussing the status of Arunthathiyar children, attempting to reduce atrocities.
  • In November ADECOM organized a meeting for women in surrounding villages to discuss their family issues.
  • On November 11th there was a discussion about the power and responsibility of Panchayat leaders. 41 women who were elected were present. Ms. P. Lalidamballe discussed that the Puducherry government has allowed for women to be elected, however many of those elected do not understand the power they have, therefore they do not use it effectively. Mrs Sridevi (Chairman of Puducherry Municipality) discussed women’s liberation and the political participation of women. She explained the importance of having women present in the Panchayat. Mr. A. John Kumar (Vice Chairman of Puducherry Municipality) published a booklet of Panchayat women representatives to ADECOM Network.



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