French Consulate Director visited ADECOM Network

Management Skill development is very important for Dalit community insisted by French Consulate Director of Puducherry

The management skills and communication is very important for Dalit young students to equip their knowledge in education and employment expressed by the French Consulate Director. When she visited ADECOM Network on 4th June 2007 and discussed with the Managing Trustee P.Lalida, and the Planet Urgence staff Mr.Jean Baptiste, a street theatre group Kootu-K-Kural, Director Mr.Perumal the training aspects were focused.

The main objectives of the visit were to emphasis the importance of Planet Urgence, the French association collaborated with ADECOM Network, Puducherry for rendering the services to the Dalit Community. Since two years of the partnership with the French Environmental Organization Planet Urgence and the Social organization of ADECOM Network conducted the regular trainings to the development of the community people.

During the period 2007-2008, totally 16 courses were conducted by ADECOM Network, each course planned for 15 days. The Professional French volunteers 16 members from France visited Puducherry and organized the trainings on Computer, Capacity Building, and Communication etc.

The main impacts of the trainings were nearly 150 beneficiaries trained through the courses. The participants were from the Partners groups, Volunteers, Staffs of ADECOM network, working in Tamilnadu and Puducherry. The feedbacks from the trainees were motivated on English language and communication and trainings were useful for their future carrier. The need is to improve the management and communication skills of the young students from Dalit community who are aspiring to volunteer themselves for the cause of development was stressed.

French Director asked the details of the ADECOM’s experiences on Dalit empowerment actions since fifteen years. Managing Trustee explained the main historical events took place in the past the Trustee Mr.Christy Packiaraj, the entire team of ADECOM added the values on the Dalit Empowerment activities.

Kootu-k-kural, the artists were sung a song about Dr.Ambedkar. The Director Mr.Perumal focused the Dalit theatre, how the artists have taken training with French theatre groups Le Croquant Bouche De Compagnie, (Mr.Jef Pays), Clowns Sans Frontier, and Cacachuete.

At the conclusion the Director expressed her greetings and wishes to the entire team of ADECOM Network and Kootu-K-Kural artists, Jean Baptiste from Planet Urgence.

Reported by P.Lalida, Managing Trustee, ADECOM Network

Date: 6th June.



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