Sophie’s training on Project Management

She completed the training course in ADECOM from 27th April until 9th May.   She trained the seven trainees in ADECOM and they were achieved their target what they expected in the training.  All the trainees are young and students and they really willing to work with the communities.

ADECOM invited the volunteers regularly from Planet Urgence for different training.  The two weeks course is really meaningful to the trainees.  Their main feedbacks were as follows.

  • Sophie course is more meaningful and she designed the course more simple and understood by everyone.
  • At the training period everyone spoked in English and it develops the communication skills.
  • The project management training talks about the step by step process and we learned the informations.
  • Training materials also help us to improve the subject knowledge.
  • Group discussions and methodologies of the training was more useful to know each others.

Sophie given the time for ADECOM’s project works.  She spent the time with Lalida.P and finalized the project on Sustainability and Education.  She really motivated the ADECOM team for strengthening the activities with community people.  She talked about the new possibilities for searching the new projects for the development of Dalit Community.

Sophie visited the ADECOM’s partners groups in Tanjore with Jean Baptiste, the PU staff.  Both of them spent the time to discuss with the  Women groups and known about the Dalit situation


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