New volonteer Patrice HERVE

I Patrice HERVE come from Nantes, Britany, in France.


I work in Vodafone, mobile phone company; I studied where we need to install new antenna to get a good mobile connection. I completed high degree of computer science.

I was very interesting by indian culture; I wanted to meet Indians and to share some time with them. I wanted to share my knowledge with people who have no luck to follow long studies.

Some computer to sell on the market :


Adecom association : photo0001.jpg

I hoped to visit around Pondicherry and to improve my english too.


It is the first time I come in India, and I am very happy to meet and to work with Indians. I will teach Computer and language skill to the trainees.

I sleep in Ashram Guest House, a very nice and quiet accomodation fonded by sages:


The first day I understand that people have very different level in computer and in english too. Some don’t speak english at all and haven’t ever use a computer. Some are students, learnt english and a little french, and know computers very well. One developps some computer software !


They all are very interested by computer lessons; some who are already good are helping the others and translate. I do two groups with differents levels too. We practice a lot and do what could be interesting for the students later : letter, CV, table.

At lunch, we eat all together, some rice with vegetable :

img_0076.jpg img_0086.jpg

 On Friday March 21 some students were not here because it’s a big festival for Christians (“good Friday”), for Indians (“Panguni Outhiram”) and Muslam (“Miladi nabi”) too.

On Saturday, students usualy work. But this Saturday, we plan to do something funny all together. As if was raining, we went to cinema, and we watch a nice movie, with a lot of action, fight and songs too.


On Sunday, Lalida and Kerumal, who manage Adecom association, invited me to visit Auroville, some temple and some nice places around Pondicherry.


We met Perumals sister in a poor village, and lunch with the familie. They prepared some good and various foods.


The second week, students learnt about Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Windows and Internet. They are able to do their own bio-data, to show a beautiful table in Word, Excel or Powerpoint, to use some nice pictures. Some are able to use functions in Excel and to do charts. Some create their own GMAIL internet adress.

Friday, final day, students get their certificat and we eat a special lunch : an egg with the rice and a small ice.

Good bye !



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