A new session of Project management class

The 10 of February, ADECOM welcomes a new volunteer from Planete Urgence in France, Laure, for two weeks.

Laure is given Project Management class. This new session welcomes around 7 trainees, 3 boys and 4 girls, from 16 to 25 years old, still students or workers for ADECOM. The class takes place on the rooftop of ADECOM building. It begins at 9.30 am and finish at 1.30 pm, with tea break at 11 am.


Trainees are very motivated and interested to learn more english, project management steps and foreign culture (specially french because of the nationality of the trainer). They are aware of their weakness in english and so support spontaneously the less advanced trainees.


After two days adjustment, the daily program is roughly defined :

– Feedback about topics we learned the previous days, memory exercises and correction of homework if any,

– Learning new topic link with project management (introduction of new knowledge) ,

– Group exercise (in order to practise interactive exchange and restitution in front of the class) ,

– Project management vocabulary exercises

– Everyday vocabulary exercises in a game spirit (“jeu du pendu” for the french lecturers!)
– End to finish, free talk about culture and manners (to learn about each other and to pratise english)

The idea is to improve trainees level in both fields, whatever initial level is. The trainer encourages them to participate and take the class as a real opportunity to improve their self-confident.

After the class, we all enjoy a collective vegetarian lunch.

On the afternoon, trainees go back home and workers for ADECOM go back to their activities.

After almost one week in India with ADECOM, I can say that this experience is a very good way for me to understand indian (and dalit) culture and manners.


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