End of the Project Management December training session


Two weeks is a very short period of time when you are busy working!
The training is already over. The main steps of project management and the project manager job description have been covered.
On December 21, a certification ceremony took place in the ADECOM facility. Every trainee gave their feedback. They were given a  booklet, summing up the main steps of a project, in English and in Tamil, with a full list of the vocabulary related to the training.
This tool has been built by the entire team with all the material used during the two weeks.

Everyone learned a lot, including Alexandre the trainer. The cultural exchanges between the trainees and the trainer have been very rich. During quality time spent together, many topics were discussed by the team : working methods, traditions, politics, everyday life, etc.


Everybody was very happy with these two weeks and parting time was a little sad.  But a next volunteer from France is soon to arrive, in February 2008, and a new group of trainees will benefit from a new session.
Stay tuned!


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