Dalit Women Capacity Building training : first week completed

Time flies! One week out of two is already over. It was a very rich week. All the main technics and vocabulary of Project Management were explained and documented through different kind of examples.
The group first worked on a concrete little project: making a list of useful words for the trainees, focusing on how to collect the material for a project. Then they used a cooking example: how to make a lunch for the whole team? It’s been the occasion to split up tasks and explain responsabilities. Finally, one participant brought a full case from the field, explaining objectives, main steps and benefits of the project.

When the training started, participant expressed their need to improve their English level. To ensure this goal, only essential vocabulary has been used, every technical words has been explained and illustrated by a simple equivalent word before proceeding to a Tamil translation so that everyone could fully understand each term.

Participants and trainer gave a very positive feed back:
The first enjoyed the positive energy and good spirit of the group. They especially emphasized the simplicity of the training methods, and how useful the bilingual exercises were useful for them to comprehend the technical concepts. Alexandre is very content with this responsive and friendly group so eager to learn and make progress.

More next week after week-end and home-work…


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