Delegates from New caledonia

delegates from New caledonia

Gladys Beccalossi from New Caledonia visited ADECOM on 11th Dec.2007. She’s working in a leading NGO in Pacific Area, that covers all of the 22 countries on the Pacific Ocean. She shared her experience on Kanak community with the participants of the Dalit Women Capacity Building training. She explained about the Federation of Kanak Women of which Marie-Claire Beccalossi, Gladys mother, is Vice-President. The trainees had the opportunity to make comparison with Dalit situation in India.

They dialogued about cultural and legal aspects. They also compared women condition in both countries. New Caledonia being a French Colony, it gets the benefits of some laws regarding women emancipation and empowerement. But on the economical field there’s still a lot to be done to improve Kanak people situation.

This meeting took part in the training process and the participants expressed their feeling about values like humanism, religion and described their field work for Gladys. It was a good exercise for the participants to introduce themselves and their projetcs to Gladys.



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